ABSOCOLD 2-door Top Freezer Refrigerator 10.3 cu ft

I use this refrigerator only because it came with my studio apartment. I’ve been here for a little under two years and I’ve had issues with this refrigerator during that time.

It’s a top-freezer make and it’s quite small in general.

Sufficient door space.
Can keep the items I like to remain fairly cold such as (pasta sauce, half and half, water bottles and condiments) all in the door.
It also doesn’t leech too much electricity at all.

The freezer frequently collects snow quickly, making the space available in the freezer much less than when the ice has melted.
I melt the ice by turning off the temperature of the refrigerator and literally crack it all with whatever I can find. This causes not only water to drip and accumulate inside the fridge and all over the floor… (I lay out towels on the ground).
Also, the temperature gauge is almost impossible to find a temp that is just right without having everything either thaw or freeze.