Amana AFD2535FES Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator 24.8 u ft

EasyFill™ internal water dispenser

In the Amana line of refrigerators, one of the most talked-about models is the Freezer on Bottom French Door AFD2535FES. The fact that it is perhaps one of the fridges by Amana that has solicited a lot of customer reviews means that it has been bought and used by a lot of customers.
Although the reviews are mixed, with some users saying that it is one fridge that has served them for so many years, some reviewers would not dare recommend this to their friends, signals to potential buyers that this model may be worth a careful consideration.
The value for money thrust of the Amana line of refrigerators is still very true with this model, as it is a huge fridge with a lot of capacity and equipped with just the most necessary of features. So, buyers looking for a fridge that is big on capacity and do not see the need for too many frills and flashy features will definitely have to take this model into consideration.

    Interior Features

  • The bottom drawer is at the eye level of an average person, so food stored there is easy to reach.
  • Each unit is equipped with SofSoundô II quiet package for quiet operation for a huge machine!
  • For easy visuals, each fridge has an EasyViewô lighting package, with 2 covered refrigerator lights and 1 covered freezer light.
  • An icemaker is installed inside, making sure that clean ice cubes are produced within seconds.
  • The upper freezer basket can be used for veggies while the lower freezer basket is equipped with a QuickSplitô organizer which compartmentalizes all contents. Both baskets can be glided in and out easily.
  • Drawers in the freezer are EasyFreezerô and EasyCloseô designed, so accessing them is easy as pulling them in and out smoothly.
  • Egg storage is available with FreshNestô covered egg storage.
  • Jugs for storing liquids can be placed in the gallon door storage.

      Exterior Features

  • Twin fresh food doors is a modern yet classy design detail that won’t clash with any kitchen design.
  • PuriCleanÆ II retractable water/ice filter produces water that’s ready to drink. The water filter is one of the most durable in the market.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31.75 inches
    Height: 69.88 inches
    Width: 35.63 in
    Total volume: 24.8 cu. ft.


  • The model is qualified with ENERGY STARÆ, which means it exceeds government-mandated standards for energy efficiency, translating to lower utility bills.
  • Every item to be stored in the fridge has its own compartment – simply convenient and organized.
  • The fridge’s combined capacity is just huge – you won’t run out of space to put anything you want.


  • Some users report of the condenser in the fridge dripping.
  • The ice cube maker is located much to the interior of the freezer, which may be hard to reach for some people.

      Customer Comments


  • huge unit
  • compartmentalized shelves
  • energy efficientCons
  • drips condensate
  • location of ice maker