Amana ASD2522WRD Side-By-Side Refrigerator 25.1 cu ft

Energy Star® – Spillsaver™ glass shelves

The Amana refrigerator is the result of a collaboration between Maytag and Whirlpool, two of the most trusted names in the field of appliances.
One of Amana’s more popular models is the Side-By-Side ASD2522WRD, with its huge 25.1 cu. ft. internal capacity which guarantees freshness for anything put in there. The freezer has a 9.9 cu. ft. capacity, ensuring that not all space is given to the refrigerator.
Moreover, the bottom freezers are at eye level, thus eliminating the need for a person with average height to tiptoe or struggle just to get something in the freezer. Moreover, the French door design is a hit with anyone conscious of making sure the fridge blends well with their kitchen design aesthetic.
This Amana fridge is indeed a perfect blend of form and functionality.

    Interior Features

  • The fridge contains 3 SpillSaver Glass Shelves which can be adjusted. The shelves contain whatever spill within the area and make sure that the spill does not spread to the rest of the fridge, reducing the chances of a mess.
  • The Gallon Door Bins (4 of them) are made of clear material and are also adjustable.
  • Each unit contains a crisper pan and deli drawer also made of clear material.
  • All compartments are made of clear material which gives the fridge’s exterior a cool, sleek appearance that is easy on the eyes even if it is filled.
  • Top freezers are adequately spaced to give the fridge and bottom freezers ample space.

      Exterior Features

  • The bottom freezers are designed to be accessed by an average at eye level,
  • Each unit is equipped with an external Ice and Water Dispenser that produces pure and filtered ice and water
  • External features include a control lockout in sleek silver.
  • The fridge’s external design is completed with French doors that blend perfectly with any kitchen set-up – no awkward design problems.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/4 inches
    Height: 69 3/4 inches
    Width: 35 1/2 inches
    Total volume: 25.1 cu. ft.


  • The classic design will not give the owner any problems when it comes to tying the fridge’s look with the rest of the kitchen.
  • The interior of the fridge with its compartmentalized shelves is made of clean material that looks clean even is there are lots of things placed in them already.
  • Shelves are customizable – everything will have its place in the fridge!
  • The space is evenly distributed among the top freezer, bottom freezer and fridge, so you won;t feel like one area is unnecessarily bigger than the others.


  • Some users have complained of a whirring mechanical sound when the fridge is plugged on.

      Customer Comments


  • huge unit
  • space for anything
  • shelves for specific items available
  • convenient ice and water dispenser
  • classic yet easily adaptable design
  • no flashy features, easy to use fridge
  • easy to reach bottom freezer
  • easy to clean and maintainCons
  • not so quiet operation