Amana ASD2526VES Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator 24.4 cu ft

PUR filtration system

From Whirlpool, manufacturers of famous refrigerators known for their durability, advanced features and sleek aesthetic designs, comes Amana, its value brand and the Side-By-Side ASD2526VES, which rises to the challenge of other value brands in the market.
This fridge promises value for money with its huge capacity and added no-nonsense features. All deli and door bins are placed with a special antimicrobial lining. Users will just be amazed that the features are very practical and the price very reasonable, perfect for those who want value for their money.
This unit is perfect for big families and those who want huge capacities from their fridge.
Further savings are guaranteed in utility bills as this model is energy efficient, too!

    Interior Features

  • Each unit contains three Spillsaver Shelves that can be adjusted. These shelves contain spills by stopping them at one shelf, preventing a messy spill.
  • Each unit features protection from antimicrobial components that aids in preventing the spread of bacteria that causes stains and odors.
  • Each unit is guaranteed with an energy efficient mechanism, as it meets the government guidelines for Energy Star in 2008.
  • Shelves are customized, giving each kind of produce its own place in the fridge. Thus, the fridgeĆ­s interior looks organized even if it is filled with things already.
  • Huge internal space means more food and contents can be contained in the fridge, assuring freshness for every item.

      Exterior Features

  • The classic stainless steel silver color gives the unit a sleek yet very classic and clean look.
  • Buyers are also given another option for a vinyl-covered metal finish which does not allow smudging but retains the stainless steel look of the fridge.
  • The fridge features an external dispenser for both ice and water, with its dispensed products having undergone PUR filtration.
  • There are grip pads that are built into the door bin, present from the time each unit is manufactured.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/4 inches
    Height: 69 3/4 inches
    Width: 35 1/2 inches
    Total volume: 25.4 cu. ft.


  • The fridge’s volume capacity is huge – perfect for families and people with large fridge requirements.
  • Users are guaranteed fresh fridge contents with the built-in-anti-microbial component protection
  • The fridge is very efficient on energy which spells savings in utility bills!
  • Shelves are customized and organized, making the inside of the fridge look clean.
  • Clean ice and water are guaranteed anytime.


  • The hugeness of the fridge can be a bit intimidating at first.
  • Mechanical smells and sounds are reported with some units.
  • For units that do not have a vinyl-covered metal finish, user fingerprints are visible and can be quite distracting.

      Customer Comments


  • Huge unit to accommodate a lot of things
  • Bacteria-free and Odorless machine
  • Energy efficient spells utility savings
  • Shelving can be customizable
  • Any spills inside will be containedCons
  • Mechanical smell said to emanate from the freezer
  • Some units report sound emitted when fridge in use