Amana Refrigerator Reviews

When the company known today as Amana Corporation first started in 1934, it operated under the name Amana Refrigeration. The name comes from the city wherein the company was founded — Middle Amana, Iowa.

The company has been a pioneer innovator in the refrigeration industry, creating a number of industry-firsts that are now standards. Amana is known for making the first upright freezer for home use.

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Amana AFD2535FES Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator 24.8 u ft 
In the Amana line of refrigerators, one of the most talked-about models is the Freezer on Bottom French Door AFD2535FES. The fact that it is perhaps one …

Amana-Bottom-Mount-Refrigerator-ABB1921DEW (18.5 cu.ft.) 
The Amana ABB1921DEW Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator has recently been acclaimed Consumer Report’s Best Buy. Rather than the conventional Pull-Out-Bottom-Drawer …

Amana ASD2522WRD Side-By-Side Refrigerator 25.1 cu ft 
The Amana refrigerator is the result of a collaboration between Maytag and Whirlpool, two of the most trusted names in the field of appliances.
One …

Amana ABB2224WEB Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator 21.9 cu ft 
The Freezer on Bottom ABB2224WEB, as with all other models of refrigerators under the Amana line, keeps up with the brand’s promise of giving the consumer …

Amana 21.9 cft. abb2223dew bottom freezer Not rated yet
Highly disappointed in this refrigerator. It is only 6 years old and the compressor went out in it. If we get it fixed it will cost 874.27. I feel robbed! …

tea leaf steel fridge Not rated yet
i bought a child saftey latch and i think it ruined the seal on my fridge door anyone ever have an issue with the top of the fridge seal being squished …

AFB2234WEW2 Not rated yet
It arrived at home, I thought I had a airplane taking off on my kitchen.
Called service 3 times, they sent a tech and he added padding everywhere. Still …

AMANA ASD2620HRB 25.6 cu ft PuriClean II Retractable Filter Side-By-Side Refrigerator Not rated yet

The Amana ASD2620HRB is a nice large refrigerator that has stood up well for our family. We have several children and constant visitors, so the fridge …

Armana AFD2535FES French-Door Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) 25 cu ft INTERNAL WATER DISPENSER Not rated yet
Armana AFD2535FES French-Door Refrigerator has been rated as a ?best? buy? from a leading consumer magazine. This is a very stylish model with a good range …

Armana AFI2538AES Stainless French-Door Bottom-Freezer 25 cu ft Not rated yet
With the convenience of bottom freezer cabinet and the versatility of Side-by-Side unit this French-door refrigerator is the prefect choice. It has a …

Amana ASD2526VES Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator 24.4 cu ft Not rated yet
From Whirlpool, manufacturers of famous refrigerators known for their durability, advanced features and sleek aesthetic designs, comes Amana, its value …

Armana A9RXNMFWS Top-Freezer Refrigerator 20 cu ft Not rated yet
The Top Freezer A9RXNMFWS is another model of refrigerators from Amana, a brand brought about by the collaboration of Maytag and Whirlpool. This model …

Amana ASD2522WRW Side-by-Side Refrigerator 25.1 cu.ft. Not rated yet
I am going to be completely honest when I say I hate this refrigerator. I got it because the price was around where I was looking for, but looking back …

Amana-AFD2535DEW French-Door Refrigerator (25 cu.ft) Not rated yet
What caught our attention when shopping for refrigerators, was the salesman who told us that really one should have to work a little to get their ice cream-hence …

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Refrigerator Overview


Following in the spirit of innovation, the company also developed and manufactured one of the first side-by-side refrigerators, one of the most popular types of refrigerators in the market today.
In 2001, Amana was acquired by Maytag, which was later acquired by Whirlpool in 2006. With over 70 years of experience in researching, developing, designing, and manufacturing refrigerators, Amana has become one of the leading makers of refrigerators.

Amana Refrigerators Key Features

Energy Star Compliant — Some of the refrigerators manufactured by Amana are Energy Star qualified, which means that they not only comply with federal energy efficiency standards, but they exceed these standards by 15%.

Consumers who buy Energy Star compliant refrigerators won’t have to worry too much about their bills going overboard or the environment suffering just to keep their goods cold.

EasyFill — Amana refrigerators with the Easy Fill system can enjoy fresh, filtered, and cold water from the internal water dispenser. Because the dispenser is internally mounted, consumers can have peace of mind knowing that the dispenser won’t act up due to constantly changing temperatures.

Chef’s Pantry Drawer — The Temperature Controlled Chef’s Pantry Drawer is a compartment in these units that can have a separate temperature level from the rest of the refrigerator.

This feature allows users to set the drawer five degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the rest of the refrigerator, which helps keep food fresh without having to crank down the thermostat for the entire fridge.

Temp Assure — The Temp Assure Freshness Controls are a feature that makes getting the right temperature a cinch. Users won’t have to continually fiddle around with the control just to get the optimal temperature settings.

SofSound — Another helpful and practical feature of Amana refrigerators is the SofSound Quiet Package feature. Consumers who want a fridge that operates well without generating much noise should look for fridges with the SofSound feature.

Humidity Controlled Garden Fresh Crisper — The crisper is a compartment that can be put to good use for vegetables and fruits to retain their freshness and crispness.

Amana has taken this feature one step further with the Humidity Controlled Garden Fresh Crisper, which allows users to adjust the humidity level in the crisper for the perfect conditions to make food stay fresh longer.

Some of the other features that can be found in Amana refrigerators include :-

EasyGlide Glass Shelves

QuickSplit Organizer

Microban Antimicrobial

Component Protection

PUR Water and Ice Filter


Perhaps one of the most practical advantages of some of the Amana refrigerators in the market is their energy-efficiency rating. Refrigerators can be quite a hefty purchase, sometimes upwards of $2,000. With an energy-efficient model, however, consumers can save on their monthly bills for years to come.

Another advantage of Amana refrigerators is that they are loaded with innovative features that make the fridge easy to use, convenient, and effective at its job.

Whether it has to do with the temperature and humidity controls or the numerous compartments in the fridge, owners may find these fridges to be a lot more user-friendly than others.

Amana refrigerators also come in a variety of colors and designs that can suit different color themes of kitchens, so consumers can find the perfect fridge to fit in with the design of their homes.

Consumer Feedback

Regarding consumer feedback, many users state that units from this manufacturer are generally effective at keeping their goods cool. They also mention that these refrigerators have great features that make storing and getting goods easier and more convenient.

However, users pointed out that the lack of other models as compared with other brands is one of the downsides. They also mentioned that repair costs can be quite expensive. Other complaints about Amana refrigerators include noisy ice makers and poorly-designed door handles.

Amana Refrigerators Product Types Available

Refrigerators can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it’s important for consumers to take the time and effort needed to make a well-educated and well-thought out decision on which one to buy.

Amana has a solid collection of refrigerators to choose from, but the most well-received are probably their French door refrigerators, which have won best buy awards from consumer magazines.

French Door

French door refrigerators are a good choice for consumers who want a large capacity fridge at eye level and a bottom freezer. Another type of refrigerator with a similar layout is the bottom freezer type, which also keeps the fridge at eye level, but only has 1 large door for opening, as opposed to the double doors of the French door kind.

Side by Side

Side-by-side refrigerators are all about space. With a tall design that puts the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other, side-by-side refrigerators have a lot of room for both frozen and refrigerated goods.

Top-Fridge Freezers

Finally, Amana offers top freezer refrigerators, which are among the most conventional and classic refrigerator designs. Basically, the advantage of the top freezer refrigerator is that items in the freezer are at eye level, with the refrigerator positioned under the freezer.

One of the advantages of the types of refrigerators offered by Amana is that some of them come in various colors, including pink lemonade, brocade, corduroy, mojave, green tea, twilight, inked, and mojo colors.

Summary of Amana Refrigerators

With over 70 years of success and innovation in the refrigerator industry, Amana Corporation has shown that it can definitely deliver what consumers want and need from a refrigerator.

This can be seen by the many awards the company has received. Basically, purchasing the right Amana refrigerator all boils down to finding the best one that fits the consumer’s preferences, needs, and budget.

For any consumer that wants to get the best value for their money, it would be a good idea to start with the award-winning models or any model that is Energy Star qualified.

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