Avanti RA751WT Top-Freezer Refrigerator (7.5 cu. ft.)

When I downsized to a new studio apartment, I knew the refrigerator was going to be a lot smaller than any I have ever had before. From the look of it, I thought there was no way I would be able to fit all of my food inside (I buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and they can take up a lot of space). However, after my first shopping trip, I realized that the crisper at the bottom of the fridge is not as deep but it is definitely taller than the one I had previously.

It is also very easy to remove so for cleaning, which I appreciate. I easily fit all of my spinach, apples, and broccoli inside. I took full advantage of the cute egg trays in the door, which can hold 14 eggs just in case I haven’t finished the old dozen before I get the new ones. This is a handy feature.

Another handy feature of this fridge is that the main shelves, as well as the ones in the door, are adjustable; that is, there are many options for changing the levels and how much space is between each shelf. This really comes in handy for tall wine bottles that you want to store upright. The shelving is also clear glass, rather than the annoying wire racks that I would also lose things through in my old fridge.

Glass shelves also prevent smaller containers from tipping and accidentally spilling, and cleanup is far easier. You can really tell when you’ve cleaned the shelf well due to its transparency. The freezer is just fine, very cold and simple, no extra shelves, just one wire rack for storing foods you don’t need to get to so readily.

The temperature control is easy to use, a simple 0-5 dial that is close to the front of the fridge for easy access, and the exterior of the fridge is sleek and easy to keep clean, no nooks and crannies for dirty fingers to get into. But by far the best feature of this fridge is that, though it is small, it still manages to hold my entire magnet collection, which is substantial!

– This fridge is easy to keep clean, no place for smelly liquids to hide.
– Adjustable shelving really helps to personalize this fridge to exactly what I need.

– No shelving in the freezer door for organization.