BISQUE Kenmore 7997(4) AdjustaCube™ Icemaker (19 cu. ft.) Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator

Energy Star® (available in TITANIUM, Bisque, Black and White)

The Kenmore 7997(4) is a reasonably roomy, though fairly BASIC MODEL
Basic Top Freezer Refrigerator, which is good for a small family or those on a budget.
This is a good choice for a small family on a strict budget as it has some good features including the Advanced Cooling System and is sleek in appearance and comes in a range of finishes and colors.
It also come with an advanced cooling system
This is a basic model and very reasonable cost.

    Interior Features

  • The Kenmore 7997(4) comes with standard interior lighting.
  • 4 ADJUSTABLE Spill-Proof Shelves made of glass which can accommodate different size of groceries.
  • Fresh food can be stored in the TWO Humidity-Controlled Crispers at the base of the fridge and a snack/deli drawer which is a convenient place to store things like meat and cheese.
  • The controls are up-front interior Electronic digital 1-7 controls.
  • There are 3 opaque adjustable in-door bins and an in-door can shelf.
  • There is a useful TEMPERATURE ADJUSTER, located inside the fridge.
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified meeting government standards

      Exterior Features

  • This refrigerator is a smooth white finish.
  • The top freezer door and the main fridge door are smooth and contoured with an integrated plastic handle -without any protruding handles which is great for the smaller kitchen .
  • This model is Bisque (7994), but it can also come in
  • The Kenmore 7997 is available in FOUR colors:- White (79972) Black(79979) and Titanium (79976)

      Dimension Specifications

    Height 65″
    Width 29-7/8″
    Depth 31-3/4″
    Total Volume: 19 cu.ft


  • There are some good features in this model and it is REASONABLY PRICED and Fairly Streamline – with its integrated handle, its smooth lines and curved contoured door features.
  • The 2 humidity-controlled crispers are clear-view so that all the food in them can be easily identified.
  • There is a useful, hassle-free ADJUSTABLE ICE-MAKER, which automatically gives 3 sizes of ice-cubes.
  • The spill-proof shelves are made of glass and help to confine spilled liquids to a single shelf.
  • The Energy Star® qualified status mean that you are assured of making a saving on energy bills and this appliance is supposed to use up to 20% LESS ENERGY than refrigerators without the Energy Star® rating.
  • Although quite small the snack/deli drawer is useful as is the beverage rack in the door.
  • There are 7 useful settings for the DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CONTROLS and the defrost system is similarly an advantage in this basic model.


  • This model does not have any sound reduction features so can be a little noise. There is no specialty tilt-out door storage options and no slide out shelves.
  • The door bins are opaque rather than being transparent for easy looking, and there is no temperature controlled features specifically for meat and vegetables.
  • One disadvantage in this model is that the best temperature for the vegetable crisper – causes the ice maker to function less efficiently.

      Customer Likes and Dislikes


  • Reliable
  • Good value for money
  • Smooth lines
  • No protruding handleCons
  • Temperature controls
  • Not the best use of space made