Black Kenmore 75319 Humidity Controlled Top-Freezer Refrigerator 22.0 cu. ft.

Energy StarĀ® (available in Stainless Steel and White)

The Kenmore Top Freezer fridge model 75319 is a BLACK unit that comes with PRACTICAL Shelving and ENERGY Saving Features. It also comes with a number of convenience features that make setting programs very convenient.

    Interior Features

  • Users enjoy fresh and crisp fruits and vegetables with the TWO HUMIDITY CONTROLLED CRISPERS that offer ample space for produce. The unit also comes with the snack drawer which is a convenient place to store meat and cheese.
  • The Kenmore Top Freezer model 75319 also comes with ADJUSTABLE SHELVING that allows storage of virtually any size and height of container.
  • The 6 cu. feet freezer section gives AMPLE SPACE for food that needs to be frozen and the wide opening door handle makes getting things in and out of the freezer very easy to do.
  • You can keep groceries within easy reach with the SLIDE OUT SHELVING which makes every item easily accessible.
  • The unit is ENERGY EFFICIENT. It comes with the Energy star seal which ensures that all appliances with the seal use up to 20% less energy.
  • The unit comes with an EXTERNAL WATER DISPENSER which provides cool filtered water with one press of a button so you do not have to open the door.
  • The Kenmore Top Freezer model 75319 also comes with spill-PROOF GLASS SHELVING and an AUTOMATIC ICE GENERATOR that makes ice on the spot without the need for ice cube trays. You can also choose the right size of ice cube that you want.
  • The spill-proof shelving also has a unique function in that it confines spills to one area of the shelving instead of spilling all over the entire shelf.
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROLS allows for easy setting of programs.
  • The unit also comes with BUILT-IN ICE STORAGE features, both for the ice it produces and store-bought ice.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 31-3/4 in.
    Height 67-1/2 in.
    Width 32-7/8 in.
    Capacity 22.0 cu. ft.


  • The Kenmore Top Freezer 75319 is a STYLISH unit in black that is a favorite of users because of its basic features, none of the bells and whistles found in some of the more expensive units.
  • It comes with the ENERGY STAR seal which saves more power compared to units without the seal.
  • Features facilitate EASY STORAGE and retrieval, and the ELECTRONIC CONTROLS make setting programs very easy.
  • Crispers are made with clear shelving so that you can CLEARLY SEE what is inside.
  • The Slide Out System is one of the best features that makes taking things in and out of the fridge very easy to do, eliminating the need to bend down and reach into the recesses of the unit just to get the item you want.


  • One of the main disadvantages is that it does not come with a temperature controlled snack and deli drawer.
  • It also does not come with advanced ice production.
  • The handle material is also made of plastic, unlike other units where the door handles are made of steel.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Stylish black finish, quiet performance.
  • Saves on energy with the energy star seal
  • Easy access to items with the slide out shelvingCons
  • No temperature controlled snack drawer
  • No advanced ice production