Black Samsung RFG297AABP Side-by-Side Dispensing-Refrigerator 29 cu ft

Energy Star® – Twin Cooling Plus System®

My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our 6 month old Samsung refrigerator.

The exterior has a beautiful black finish and the control panel is easy to use and extremely logical.

The layout of the inside of the refrigerator is extremely flexible. The shelves can easily be set any level. Several of the shelves give you the option to easily slide them away to accommodate taller items such as beverage bottles.

Each of the doors has multiple shelves we suited for storing for things such as milk container, eggs, butter. The special drawers for the cheese, meat, and vegetables are very large and easy to access.

The organization options inside are so well designed that it is easy to know which door to open and exactly where to reach when you want anything inside.

The freezer at the bottom is large and also can be set up to store items logically in different compartments.

The alarm that gently sounds when you accidentally leave a door opened has prove very helpful.

The water filter needs to be changed every six months as describe in the manual and a light alerts you when a change is required. It is very easy to change a filter and the steps are well describe in the manual and the replacement filter box. The filters are relatively expensive at over $40 each. The filter water tastes very pure and is well chilled.

The ice maker is small and makes a limited amount of ice. This may not be large enough for a large family. The ice dispenser is easy to use and crushes ice very effectively. Unfortunately, you must be very careful dispensing the ice as this part of the refrigerator is easily scratched.

Also, when the ice is made and is dropped into the container, it is very loud and can be hear from the next room. The door handles are well designed and the doors open and close easily. The manual is easy to use and describes everything you need to know to make effective use of your refrigerator.

The two pros: very flexible interior allow easy organization and beautifully style.

Two cons: easy to scratch the ice dispensing area and ice drop into ice container very loudly