Bosch Refrigerator Reviews

Founded more that 120 years ago in Germany, the Bosch name has become a household name for quality designs in a range of household appliances, when the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering ” was founded.

It expanded worldwide and from the early 1900s, Bosch made its presence felt in the US

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bosch 2 door fridge KGN53X Not rated yet
When new (4/1/2010) it froze everything in the crispers even a the highest temperature settings.

It was replaced but the new one did the same thing. …

KSU49621 Au/03 FD8703 100030 Not rated yet
The fridge was bought about 5 years ago and from the second week or so started making a big noise and shuddering every now and again. Especially after …

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Bosch Refrigerator Overview

Bosch Refrigerator Overview and History

The company built up its successful name and global reputation, due to the quality, technological research, from which the company has grown to its current international status

Its founder, Robert Bosch, was an innovative technician, who has stamped his own influence on the development of the company. His reputation has for good management and considerate leadership has influenced the way the company has developed.

The initial aims of the company were to ‘develop top-end technologies’ and ‘assume social responsibility,’ which continue to be the aims and principles of the company to this day.

Bosch Refrigerator Key Features

The Bosch offer a fairly limited range of refrigerators which are offered in either Stainless Steel or Glossy White finish.

The two main styles that are available are Freestanding Side-by-Side cabinets and 3-door French-door Freezer-Refrigerators. There are a small number of built in options available which are designed to fit seamlessly into recessed counter modules.

Door mounted Frameless Exterior Ice and Water Dispenser with LED Illumination serves filtered water with a choice of crushed and cubed ice are available in both French-Door and Side-by-Side models, some of which come with a convenient child-proof Dispenser Control Lock.

The systems utilizes Dual Evaporators which keeps the air-flows and aromas between the fridge and the freezer quite separate. Bosch has developed a Multi-Flow Shower Cooling System™ which enables a consistent flow of cold air for maximum freshness.

The EasyLift™ Shelf Technology makes altering the height of the shelving easy and simple, even when they are fully loaded with produce, while their novel CoolPaks™ are conveniently stored in their own compartment in the freezer door

The bright LED interior CoolGlow™ Lighting illuminates every corner of the cabinet while the Door Open Alarm system, alerts you when the door has been left ajar for over a minute. Knowing that the refrigerator accounts for as much as 12 to 20 percent of annual total power consumption of an average household, other energy saving and energy efficient elements have been factored into Bosch refrigerators, including Energy Star® Compliant refrigerators that use up to 30% less electricity and feature more efficient compressors and motors compared to models manufactured 10 years ago. Also certain models also cater for “Sabbath Mode” in order to comply with certain religious holiday observances.

While AirFresh produces air filtered air throughout Bosch refrigerators to reduces unwanted odour, AntiBacterial wall linings provide a hygienically, high standard atmosphere
Hide-away water filter maximizes storage capacity

Bosch Refrigerator Product Types Available

  • Built In French Door Refrigerators
  • Freestanding French Door Refrigerators
  • Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerators
  • Counter Depth Refrigerators
  • Standard Depth Refrigerators

  • 1 Built In French Door Refrigerators

    Built-in French-door refrigerators have a duel-door system at the top with a pull-our drawer at the base of the unit for frozen foods, but no through-the-door water and ice .dispenser.

    One example of an built-in model is the B36ET71SNS

    This model is a 36″ built in French door bottom-freezer which is designed with an Optiflex Hinge™ – allowing for a fully integrated look.

    The many innovative features and stylish finish of this energy efficient model, make this a highly popular refrigerator.

    2 Freestanding French-Door Refrigerators

    Freestanding French-door refrigerators maybe counter depth or standard depth and have the advantage of twin doors is that they do not take up a lot of kitchen space when opened. The freezer section is below the refrigerator section which has the refrigerator section is at eye-level.

    The B26FT70SNS, has a large storage capacity of 25.9 cu.ft.

    This elegant appliance in the 800 series, and an excellent example of a standard depth French-door bottom freezer refrigerator.

    Its SuperFreeze™ and VitaFresh™ food preservation system are two of the many excellent features that this model supports.

    3 Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerators

    The side-by-side refrigerator is a very popular model with twin-doors. The freezer section is generally smaller than the refrigerator section and both offer easy eye-level access.

    An excellent example of this style of refrigerator is the B22CS50SNW counter depth side by side refrigerator in the “Linea 500” Series.

    Its frameless exterior ice and water dispenser, EasyLift™ spill-proof shelving and CoolPaks™ freezer door compartments make this a very high-gloss white appliance worth consideration.

    4 Standard Depth Refrigerators

    The standard depth of refrigerator of about 33’ is deeper than the standard depth, offering a greater storage capacity from the same size cabinet of a counter depth- refrigerator. This is more often preferred for the very large kitchen, where space is no problem of for the larger family.

    5 Counter Depth Refrigerators

    Increasingly people are choosing to purchase counter depth refrigerators so that the it will fit flush with the rest of the kitchen cabinets, giving added style and a little more space than the standard depth appliances. However to gain this aesthetically pleasing result, there is an added cost as invariably counter-depth models are more costly than the tradition sized refrigerator.

    This is often the choice for those with a slightly smaller kitchen as the approximate 6” less depth can make the smaller kitchen appear much more spacious –