BPL Model – F 332VX Top-Freezer Refrigerator (310-litre)

This refrigerator was bought seven years ago and in the initial years, the service was good except from the vegetables getting damp in autumn and winter.

Ours is a 310-litre fridge with a freezer on the top section with a separate door.

The size of the freezer is perfect for our needs and the temperature can be controlled. It would have been better had they given extra rack for ice trays.

On the lower section of the fridge are the chiller, the body with four racks for utensils and boxes and two vegetable trays. The door has provision for eggs trays and bottle racks.

The best thing I like about this fridge is that we have enough space in the lower and upper part that we can load raw materials for two weeks. Another advantage is that it has humidity control and is frost-free.

The two main disadvantages of this fridge are that the foam on the fridge door gets damaged quickly and a new one does not fit properly which in turn consumes more power. Water leaks from the water tray to the rear right leg beneath the fridge and I still couldn’t make why it leaks.

I wouldn’t recommend this fridge to any people as I feel buying this fridge was a bad decision. It has more cons than pros and the service of BPL Company is not commendable. I have had problems with water leaks and the foam on fridge but the service people were not able to rectify it.