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Coolers or a “Cool Box” is a portable, well insulated chest, which help to keep the food and drink inside cool for a prolonged period.

Cool boxes are ideal for picnics and camping holidays, or used to carry cold produce and frozen food home from the grocery store.

Often constructed of sturdy double skinned plastic and well insulated with foam materials, the coolbox can be large enough for a family, with wheels for ease of transportation, of the can be small enough for the individual.
There are some thermo electric coolers that can be connected to a car cigarette lighter socket, which naturally keeps the content cooler for a much longer periods

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The Coleman Company (54 quarts) RED Classic Steel Belted Cooler 6154A703 Not rated yet
I bought this Coleman Cooler because I thought it was pretty cool item to have. I am very into the retro items so this entered my collection about July …

The Coleman 48-Quart Chest Cooler (3000000152) (Blue) Not rated yet
The Coleman 48 quart cooler is your standard cheap little cooler you can get basically anywhere for about 30 bucks. There isn’t a whole lot to really say …

American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler AR-15001 AR-15001 (Coca-Cola logo on all four sides) Not rated yet
The American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler is a great thing for any Coca-Cola Collector.

This is a recreation of this little coke coolers you used to see …

American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler AR-15001 AR-15001  Not rated yet
The American Retro Coca-Cola Cooler is a great thing for any Coca-Cola Collector.

This is a recreation of this little coke coolers you used to see …

Blue Coleman (6201A748) 100 Qt. Wheeled Xtreme® Cooler (holds up to 130 cans) Not rated yet
The Coleman 6201A748 aka Xtreme 100 quart cooler is the greatest thing since sliced bread for camping. The model I got was blue but I did notice that there …

Coleman 6262A748 Wheeled Cooler (Capacity 62 Qt) Not rated yet
This cooler was a great buy for me as it is really worth for the money that I spend . It has enough room for 4 to 5 day trip and I could carry all the …

Coleman Evanston 8 Eight Person Family 6270A748 (Holds 100 cans) Not rated yet
This is a great cooler that I am really glad I purchased for long road trips and extended camping. There is really nothing like a cooler on wheels, and …

STAINLESS Steel Coleman Colm Cooler 70 Qt Xtreme (Holds 98 cans) 6270A799 Not rated yet
Cooler doesn’t have strong hands and wheels also weak.

Other than these to negatives. I would this a good cheap cooler.

Holds ice up to 5 days …

Igloo 45071 Island Breeze MaxCold 50 Roller (50 quart/69 cans) Not rated yet
The Coleman 70 quart Xtreme Cooler features environmentally friendly insulation and four beverage holders in the lid. It also has two way handles to make …

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Cooler Boxes Buying Guide

Whether you’re fond of planned outdoor picnics or impromptu camping trips, a durable cooler is one of the most important investments you can make.

A good cooler can keep your food and drinks cooler for longer, so there is less worry for you on spoiled food and lukewarm drinks while on a camping trip. Although there are several types of coolers in the market, choosing the one you can really use is fairly easy.

This guide is created to help you find the cooler perfect for you and your family.

Different Types of Coolers and their Key Features

Disposable coolers

Disposable coolers are coolers which are made from styrene foam. Although they are called disposable, these coolers are not meant to be disposed of after one-time use.

As long as the right care, storage, and maintenance are provided for this cooler, you can expect to make good use of them until they are completely damaged. The reason why these coolers are considered as disposable is primarily due to its being lightweight and easy-to-carry.

These types of coolers are normally fitted with shoulder straps as well as molded-in handles. One of the best features about these coolers is that they come in a vaerity of colors and designs, and are available in varying sizes as well.

Plastic coolers

Plastic coolers are designed and built using a durable kind of plastic. Compared to disposable coolers, plastic coolers are normally hardier however these cooler types are not as lightweight. You can find a variety of plastic coolers in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Although less handy than most disposable coolers, plastic coolers are more suitable for outdoor use or if you are into a lot of outdoor sports.