Warnings and Disclaimer:
I know this sucks, but we live in a world where lawyers rule the day when it comes to people getting hurt. This is a General Knowledge section and the information here may or may not work for every make and model. Secondly, I am only SUGGESTING possible problems and fixes here. Some symptoms can be caused by several issues, this is only a guide for you to begin.

Electric Shock can cause injury or death. Never assume the electricity is off. Before servicing an electrical device, disconnect it from its electrical source either by unplugging the appliance or turning off the power at the breaker or fuse box. Mark the service panel with a note so that no one will restore power while you are working. After turning off the power to the circuit, test the circuit to be certain that there is no power. Some devices can store a hazardous electrical charge even when disconnected from an electrical source, always discharge these devices before attempting service. If you are unfamiliar with a device or its components, consult with a professional before attempting service.

When working with electrical equipment wear rubber-soled shoes, avoid damp locations and hold all tools by their insulated handles. Never touch conductive surfaces such as pipes or metal bracing. Use a non-conductive fiberglass ladder when working with electricity. Avoid shorting electrical circuits.

Serious injury can result from sharp edges. When reaching into a service area, cabinet or housing there may be sharp edges. Use caution when reaching into something.

Always practice proper and reasonable safeguards as well as those suggested by the manufacturer of the devices and tools you use.

You should NEVER work on electrical appliances with the power plugged in, or without the proper tools. I am not responsible for anyone who gets hurt while attempting to repair their own appliance. I am also not responsible for taped wiring, or if you cut yourself trying to trim a wire with a steak knife instead of the proper tool. There is no warranty here implied or intended either. Common sense should be used in all areas when working on things by yourself. If you are not trained or confident to do some of the work here, I suggest calling a professional for those jobs. Any job YOU decide to do will be at your own risk and liability.