ELECTROLUX – EDL244 Top-Mount Freezer Refrigerator

Deofresh Double Deodorizer

The Electrolux EDL244 is a spacious good looking and less power consuming refrigerator. It is a two-door model with two main compartments – a freezer and a regular refrigerator. It is approximately a 65-35 split between the refrigerator and the freezer. The gross volume is 240 liters and the storage volume is 219 liters.

As this is a frost free model, no defrosting is necessary.

Electricity consumption is 455 units (kWh) per year. This is an energy certified refrigerator with a 4 star rating.

1. Freezer
The freezer contains two trays for ice cubes and a nice big box for holding ice-creams.

It comes with a nice design that drops off all ice cubes in one go with a gentle twist without having to struggle getting each ice cube out.

2. RefrigeratorThis bigger sections consists of a chiller, vegetable and fruit box, egg stand, medicine storage box, two fiber stands to keep all stuff on and two racks on the side of the door to keep smaller items such as little packets, water bottles etc.

A short description about the compartments in the refrigerator:-

Ice maker :
With in one hour ice cubes are ready, twist and turn method is implemented to removes ice cubes. Ice cream container: There is a separate ice cream container where ice creams can be kept.

Freezer box:
I will call this as a mini freezer box where we can keep jelly, cakes etc;in this box and it stays fresh for a long time.

Can store fish, meat, flowers, fruit salad, milk etc. Vegetable and fruit box: This box has a little knob on top of it to control the humidity inside the box. Useful if you want stuff to stay longer or to stop your refrigerator from smelling like one food item.

Egg stand or lemon stand: used to store eggs, lemons, Goose berries etc. Medicines box: A little box with a lid to store medicines etc. so that they are not affected by the food items.

Two fiber racks allow you to split the refrigerator into compartments according to your convenience. Separate temperature settings controls are available for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Side racks inside the door side are movable within without having to remove them out.

Advantages of this refrigerator:
Less power hungry – 455 units per year for a 240 liter refrigerator is good. The ice tray is innovative and useful to extract ice cubes.

There are fewer compartments in the freezer section than desired. The compartments in the door are not fully adjustable.

My ratings for this refrigerator (1-5)

  • Overall :4
  • Appearance:3
  • Features:3.5
  • Price: 4.5