Emerson FR24SL Stainless Steel 8-Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Thermal Glass Door

Black and Silver – Good Value

I have owned this wine refrigerator for nearly two years now. It is a good product and a good value for the price of $80. It is not very heavy and is simple to set up.

It generally does a good job of keeping wine at the desired temperature, although it takes a while to adjust if the temperature setting is changed.

The unit is very quiet during operation and it looks nice on the countertop with its black and silver color.
It is easy to clean, the inside and outside can be wiped up with soap and water if needed, and the exterior fan filter just needs to be vacuumed a couple of times a year.

One problem I have been having with it is that during the summer months, water pools in the bottom of the refrigerator, which seems to cause the unit?s temperature to be slightly warmer than it should be.

According to the owner?s manual, this will happen during humid weather, but their suggestion is to either lower the humidity or move the refrigerator to another room, which does not seem like a very practical solution. One minor issue is that due to the shape of the unit?s door, not all wine bottles will fit.

The door is slightly curved, which prevents it from closing all the way when taller bottles are placed inside.

Overall, I consider it a good purchase and it I were to give this an overall rating I would say it is 4 out of 5. Both the appearance and features are top quality and it has some really good features. The main problem is its limited capacity.


  • Easy to use
  • Good value for the moneyCons:
  • Small capacity,
  • Only 8 bottles.
  • Does not maintain temperature as well during humid