EuroCave Dual Zone 290 “Professional Series” Wine Cellar (up-to-162-bottles_

(New Cold Air Technology) (2-Temp) (Black – Glass Door)

For those who like sipping wine with family and friends, having an exclusive unit around in the house to maintain the bottles in good shape is almost necessary.

Depending on the number of bottles you need to keep in readiness to be served and additional bottles in store, to cater to the need when festive mood abounds, this unit could be a rack, a cabinet, a small or big sized refrigerator or even a full cellar at the basement!

From the viewpoint of most people with taste, both for wine and the extra grandeur this unit is likely to bring about, the above wine refrigerator which can hold up to 162 bottles more than meets the need.

For convenience, this space is divided into two zones, the upper one for 96 and the lower one for 66 bottles. The features include two separate temperature sections, each provided with several sliding shelves.

There is an extra space too provided at the bottom. The shelves can be ordered as per individual customer preference. Most buyers are found to go in for a larger number as this adds to the convenience of placing wine bottles in the unit as also taking them out.

The range of temperatures that this unit maintains is ideal; between 16 and 20 deg at the top and from 6 to 12 deg Celsius at the bottom. This wine refrigerator can work quite efficiently in extreme ambient conditions.

As a fair and independent assessment of the product commends itself to the following ratings, I would give this s rating of 4 out of 5 – as it has a great capacity and is a good looking unit with some really good features


  • The unit gives great temperature stability
  • Doesn’t need any modifications for humidity variationCons
  • May not be too suited for houses with space constraints.
  • The price being in the slightly upper bracket.