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J.Walker Kenmore19502 
After having the freezer little over a year, it stop working. I will not buy kenmore products from sears or anywhere else. I don’t have money to waste …

COMPACT Avanti CF63 Chest Freezer White 2.1 cu ft Not rated yet
Probably the smallest freezer in the Avanti range is the Avanti CF63 chest freezer with a 2.1 cu ft capacity. It has an adjustable thermometer, manual …

AVANTI ( VM302W) White Vertical Freezer (3.5 cu ft) ADA Compliant Not rated yet
The SMALLEST in the Avanti range, this VM302W, with a cubic capacity to 2.8 cu ft, and which is a vertical upright freezer with two fixed shelves. This …

Avanti VM301W Vertical Freezer (Full Range Temperature Control) White 2.9 cu ft Not rated yet
This is a neat little compact upright freezer from Avanti (Model VM301W), with transparent storage drawers and a reversible door and hinges for added convenience. …

Avanti VM165 Vertical Freezer WHITE 5.8 cu ft (Flush Back Design) Not rated yet
This Avanti VM165 is a vertical freezer, which is a great size for those smaller places. With FIVE removable clear storage drawers, you have 5.8 cu ft …

Avanti CF208G Chest Freezer with Glass Top White 7.4 cu ft (COMMERCIAL UL Listing) Not rated yet
This Avanti CF208G is a GLASS-TOPPED 7.4 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer. This is a freezer that is for commercial use and has a Sliding Glass Top Display lid. …

Avanti CF205 Chest Freezer White 7.2 cu ft Not rated yet
This is an Avanti chest freezer that comes with a 7.2 cu ft capacity.
It is an affordable but basic freezer with an adjustable thermostat, manual defrost, …

Avanti CF146 Chest Freezer White 5.1 cu ft (Fast Freeze) Not rated yet
Whether this is your main freezer or one that is used for all the overflow freezing requirements of a larger family, this is a chest freezer with 5.1 cu …

Avanti CF103 White Chest Freezer 3.5 cu ft (Energy Star®) Not rated yet
The Avanti CF103 Chest Freezer is ideal for that extra freezer capacity that is often needed and can be stored either in a kitchen or stored in a garage …

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Freezer Buying Guide

If you’re into storing a lot of frozen goods or if you cook for a lot of people on a regular basis and therefore need fast and convenient storage of all your frozen items, buying a freezer will be more a necessity than a luxury for you. As much as buying a freezer is easy, there are several types to choose from. If you’re unsure which kind of freezer you should go for, read this guide and find out which freezer type is most suitable for you.

Different Types Of Freezers And Their Key Features

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are often large in size and are typically rectangular or square in shape. These freezers open from the top and often have interior baskets which helps you organize and store your food properly. The chest freezer is an excellent type of freezer if you want more freezing space or if you prefer buying frozen items in bulk. Since chest freezers often take up much space, you need to make sure that you have enough kitchen floor area. These freezers may also be placed in the garage or basement.

One downside to the freezer however is that the contents may be difficult to organize due to its huge size and spacious interiors. Also removing items and cleaning the interiors of the freezer can be challenging. Organization is very important if you choose to have a spacious chest freezer at home.

Upright freezers

Upright freezers, also known as stand-up freezers, normally require lesser floor space than chest freezers. Typical size availability for these kinds of freezers range from 2 cu. ft. to 20 cu. ft. Upright freezers open from the front and may be outfitted with a single door or two doors. These freezers often have shelves or compartments and since they don’t take up much floor space, they are ideal for smaller kitchens. Smaller sized upright freezers may be placed on top of the kitchen counter or atop other appliances, making them extremely practical when conserving space. Another advantage to the upright freezer is easy retrieval of stored items and easy clean up. Since this freezer opens from the front, storing, organizing, and retrieving frozen good is a breeze.

Combination Refrigerator-Freezers

Combination refrigerator-freezers feature a fridge and a freezer in a single appliance. This is one of the most common types of freezers found in many households. Typically, the freezer may be located on top of the refrigerator, on its side, or below. There are several types of combination refrigerator-freezers. These are frost-free, manual-defrost, and automatic defrost.

Specialty Freezers

Specialty freezers are freezers which have a range of distinct technology features, and are normally used for specific purposes. Examples of specialty freezers are mini freezers, portable freezers, and commercial freezers.

Basic Features To Look For


Before heading out to buy a new freezer for your home, it is important for you to check which basic features are important in any freezer model or type. Doing so will help you in buying the right types of freezers, according to your specific needs.


When buying a freezer, choosing the right size according to your needs is an important first step. As already mentioned, different freezers are available in different sizes. If you have bigger storage needs and you plan on storing different food stuffs for longer periods, a big freezer will suit you best. You might also want to consider floor space. An upright freezer is definitely more space saving than a chest freezer.


Different freezers are built for a variety of purposes. If you’re into the more basic types, an upright freezer is both a practical and space-saving option. Mini freezers are also perfect for small apartments, especially if you want to keep your refrigerator and freezer items separate. If you plan on putting up a spacious commercial freezer for your business or restaurant however, you might want to look into the possibility of choosing a walk-in freezer.

Defrost Features

Defrost features are also among the most important considerations when buying a freezer. There are models which have automatic defrost features while other models still have the manual defrost. There are also frost-free models, which are normally more expensive than those which do not have frost-free features. As far as convenience goes, automatic defrost models are generally more convenient. However if you don’t want your freezer to experience freezer burn, manual defrost is better suited for you.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Freezer

If you must buy a freezer whether for your home or your business it will do best for you to do your research first. Different models have a host of different features, such as interior light, adjustable shelves, and extra compartments. The key to buying a quality freezer is knowing its benefits, and making sure that you get the best use out of each essential feature.

Buying Locally Or Online?

Today, your freezer-shopping ventures are no longer limited to local appliance shops alone. There are many online sources for your freezer buying needs, and you can also read up on reviews before buying any kind of model. You can find many of these product reviews from product review websites or you may also look for user reviews on the web.

Customer Service Considerations

When shopping for a new freezer for the first time, enlisting the help of a reliable salesperson or customer service representative can be very valuable. Although reading up on reviews may help a lot, getting verified product information from a reliable salesperson will allow you to make a more objective choice. You can also inform customer service or the salesperson on the specific features you are looking for in a freezer, such as size, defrost features, or type.

Whether you’re buying a separate freezer or a refrigerator and freezer in one, it’s always important to know the choices available to you beforehand. Some freezers are more ideal for specific uses as well as freezing and storage requirements, so its crucial for you to make the right choice when freezer-shopping.