Frigidaire (FFHT2142LK) Stainless Steel Top-Freezer Refrigerator 20.5 cu. ft.

Store-More™ feature (LEFT or RIGHT opening option)

The Top Freezer FFHT2142LK is a 20.6 cubic feet top-mount refrigerator from Frigidaire. This refrigerator is not only good at keeping things cold and fresh but also keeps food organized inside its compartments.
Ready-Select controls make it easy to take advantage of the benefits offered by this Frigidaire model.

    Key Interior Features

  • The Top Freezer FFHT2142LK has Ready-Select controls that enable the user to merely push buttons when selecting an option. It even has locks that prevent unsupervised use.
  • Its stainless steel finish is elegant, polished, and modern.
  • It has two Store-More containers that are humidity controlled to keep fruits and vegetables fresh inside.
  • The Top Freezer FFHT2142LK has a Store-More gallon door shelf. The gallon door allows the storage of tall items, such as a carton of milk.
  • It has a Cool Zone sliding drawer for deli and dairy products.
  • The refrigerator has two sliding glass shelves to contain spills and messes in one place.
  • The unit has one full width freezer shelf with two full width freezer door bins that act as more than adequate storage area for frozen goods.
  • The Top Freezer FFHT2142LK from Frigidaire is Energy Star-qualified.
  • It has a one-year limited warranty on both parts and labor.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 31-3/4″
    Height 68-1/4″
    Width 30″
    Capacity 20.5 Cu. Ft.


  • The Top Freezer FFHT2142LK is a well-made refrigerator model from Frigidaire as it performs well by providing the fresh coolness that is required from all refrigerators.
  • The manufacturer decided to go beyond the basics by responding to the growing needs of the consumers for convenience features such as easy to clean surfaces, bigger storage, and touch controls.
  • The sleek finish is rust-free and the unit does not make use of too much energy, with Energy Star certification.
  • The compartments make it easy to organize food stuff and clean the shelves.
  • Obviously, organization is a result of good compartments as food items are separated according to category.
  • This refrigerator model is also easy to clean because spills and messes are contained in certain areas, not dripping onto other surfaces inside the refrigerator.


  • There is not much to say about the Top Freezer FFHT2142LK in terms of disadvantages.
  • The refrigerator is able to offer what the consumers basically need.
  • Probably, options in colors and designs could make the model trendier and fun to add to a kitchen setup.
  • There could be more innovations added to the model to make it more exciting and attractive to consumers, especially to consumers who have had several models of refrigerators before.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • easy to clean
  • provides adequate storage
  • control lock
  • organized compartments
  • polished, modern look
  • ice maker for convenience
  • humidity-controlled compartments
  • adjustable compartments
  • helps save energy
  • rust-free finish
  • one year-warranty on parts and labor
  • keeps all types of foods fresh in storage
  • user-friendly with easy to use push buttonsCons
  • has room for improvement
  • could be more innovative
  • could present trendier looks