Frigidaire (FGHB2878LE) Gallery Premier French Door Refrigerator 27.8 cu ft

Energy Star® – SpaceWise™ Organization System

The Frigidaire French Door FGHB2878LE combines elegance and functionality in one superb refrigerator.

This refrigerator comes in an ebony black color that exudes both style and sophistication without sacrificing practicality.

The 27.8 cu. ft. capacity is divided into 19.04 cubic feet for fresh food in the refrigerator and 8.76 cubic feet for frozen goods in the freezer.

    Interior Features

  • With 27.8 cubic feet of space, the user will be able to store more than the average amount of food in this refrigerator. Because of its added capacity, it is ideal for large families.
  • The water and ice dispenser is accessible. It even comes with its own temperature and on and off controls separate from the main control panel.
  • The machine offers a quick freeze option for items that need to be frozen immediately. It will now be easier to remedy melted ice cream.
  • The machine has warning systems that indicate if the door is not properly closed or if the temperatures are rising. This way, you will be able to remedy any power failure that occurs.
  • The refrigerator has a separate fresh produce compartment, dairy compartment, and deli. It also hasa separate wine and can rack that keeps bottled beverages separate from the rest of the items.
  • This refrigerator also runs on a quiet pack motor that does not make any unnecessary noise while it operates.
  • The drawers and bins are designed so that they will glide out of the compartment with ease.
  • The machine comes with an air filter feature that helps control odor buildup.
  • It has humidity-controlled crisper system.

      Exterior Features

  • The curved door design and hidden hinges give the refrigerator an elegant look that will surely become a focal point of any kitchen.
  • The ice and water filters have separate control panels to make it easier to dispense water and ice.
  • It come in ebony black finish that makes stains less visible, while lending a sophisticated appeal.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 1/8 in.
    Height: 69 3/8 in.
    Width: 35 5/8 in.
    Total volume: 27.8 cu. ft.


  • This refrigerator has adjustable and clear door bins that allow for easier storage and organization. It also allows the user to easily check the contents.
  • The refrigerator is Energy Star-compliant.
  • The automatic alert feature informs the user if the door is left open or the temperature within the refrigerator increases.
  • It has good storage space and capacity.
  • It works well in keeping fresh goods and frozen items always fresh.


  • Its dimensions may pose difficulty in installation
  • It does not offer multiple air flow features to equalize temperature within the refrigerator.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • energy-saver
  • operates quietly
  • quick freeze option works immediately
  • crisper has humidity controls
  • keeps food stuff, drinks, and frozen goods fresh and easily accessibleCons
  • no bottle retainers
  • no fixed shelves
  • does not have multiple air flow feature