Frigidaire – FRTC03L5DW WHITE Compact Top-Freezer Refrigerator 3.1 cu ft


This refrigerator-freezer combo is lightweight enough to be easily transported by two persons of average strength (or one football player) and small enough to be easily stowed in an average-sized car.

Because of its size, it can cool down really quick and also defrosts rather quickly for cleaning; settings for this are adjustable, from zero to seven. At level seven, ice freezes in the freezer compartment comparatively rapidly, ice cream becomes relatively hard, and beverages placed in the refrigerator compartment become extremely cold.

Small fruits and vegetables put in the refrigerator compartment at this level have been known to freeze solid through, though this experience is certainly not universal.

The freezer compartment on top is about half as large as the refrigerator compartment below, and the design is very economical; all shelving may be removed for additional space.

The unit does not make too much noise, and is ideal for college (or other dormitory) life.

My only complaints are that it is somewhat hard to clean, with stains seeming to be rather permanent (though this is true of most non-stainless steel refrigerators, in my experience), that it scratches rather easily (ditto, because it is not stainless), and that the freezer seems to build up frost relatively quickly when the unit is cooling at level seven.

Beverages placed in the refrigerator really do taste as if they are from one of those professional refrigerators in the stores, or straight from a properly functioning, plentifully cold vending machine, when at level seven.