Frigidaire “Gallery” 22.6 Cu.Ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator

I have recently purchased the Frigidaire gallery refrigerator and am so happy with my choice that I can’t believe that I didn’t purchase it long ago. This refrigerator is a dream to own in so many different facets.

The shelves are easy to clean and spaced out proportionately that you can get so many things inside and that is usually a down side to a double door refrigerator. The width of the shelves accommodates wide casserole dishes and the depth allows you to have something long like a cake pan or pizza box inside as well.

The lighting is bright and allows you to see everything clearly and you don’t have to move much around to see what is in the back. The door compartments have easy to clean mats in the bottom that slip out to be washed and the door trays are large and deep so you can get a lot of things in them as well as a gallon of milk. The crisper drawer has a humidity gauge that helps keep vegetables longer and you can easily read the temperature and the settings as soon as you open the door.

Another amazing feature that I adore is the beeping alarm that lets you know the door is ajar or open for a period of time, this is a wonderful feature when you have children that sometimes don’t close the door properly. The freeze is deep as well and has adequate space to keep even large containers of ice cream or big bags of vegetables without everything slipping out onto your feet.

There are two large deep baskets that slide with ease and the door have deep compartments to put boxes of waffles or cans of frozen orange juice into without rolling out. The ice and water in the door allows you to retrieve ice for drinks or cold filtered water without opening the door. The filtration light allows you to know when its time to change the filter so that your water always tastes clean, fresh and quite cold.

There is an additional button you can push that will make extra ice when you know you are having guests or a party to provide for and the light on the water tray is perfect for a late night glass without turning on additional lighting to see. This refrigerator is an energy star rated appliance and has already in the three short months of having it shown a significant reduction in my electric bill.

– The depth and width of this double door appliance.
– The quick freeze option in the freezer.

– The Cons are that you have to purchase a special stainless steel cleaner for the front.
– The ice maker can be overzealous at times giving you a large amount of ice at once.