Frigidaire-GLRF267ZA Side by Side Despensing Refrigerator

My wife and I bought this refrigerator seven years ago when we first bought our house. We needed one fast and fairly cheap. This fit that bill, but unfortunately we have been paying for that ever since. Within the first year and a half the ice dispenser stopped working correctly. The next thing to go was the freezer bins. The bins in the freezer refuse to stay in their tracks making finding anything in the freezer an adventure. We have tried everything we can think of to try to get the bins to stay in their tracks but after years of trying we finally gave up and the freezer is a mess.

Another issue we have with it is the noise. This is one of the loudest refrigerators I have ever owned. That is not something you can tell from the showroom floor. A few of the things we like – besides the price are the refrigerator side shelves.

The shelves have lips on them to help keep spills from making a larger mess. They also slide out for easy cleaning. The flexibility of the shelf arrangement helps maximize the space you have. The door is also well planned out.

Over all we don’t have any real issue with the refrigerator side of the unit except the overall noise. This is another case of you get what you pay for so look carefully at the features be for the fall in love with the price tag. Also do your research, we didn’t and we got stung. We find ourselves looking at the refrigerator and wondering when it will die so we can get one that isn’t so frustrating.

– Great price
– Easy access to water filter

– Pour design of freezer bins