Frigidaire-PLRU1778ES Stainless Steel ALL- Refrigerator (16.7 CU.ft)

We bought our Frigidaire after our previous refrigerator suffered a rather untimely demise. For a while, we had been steadily moving away from the combination fridge and freezer by use of a separate chest freezer to steadily empty out the freezer bin. With our fridge out of the way, we decided to finally bite the bullet and go for an all refrigerator model after we found an excellent deal on it.

In our house, we love fresh fruit and vegetables and now we finally have all the storage for them along with every jar of spread and jam imaginable. The customizable shelving lets us redesign our fridge layout as needed, giving us a myriad of ways to divide up the 16+ cubic feet within. This model is not without a few quirks though. The door needs to be shut properly each and every time or the motor will move to overcompensate for the drop in temperature. Once this had led to a build up of condensation on the back of the fridge – the drops hissing as they evaporated were annoying, but it wasn’t anything damaging.

I suppose that is part of the price you pay for its cooling power otherwise. Overall, the best feature of this refrigerator is the amount of storage space you gain when you don’t have to deal with a freezer attached to it. But the very removal of that freezer is probably what is going to turn off a lot of people to it. Invest in a good chest freezer if you also want to buy this Frigidaire.

Being only a refrigerator
Good price

Door closing