GE Compact Refrigerator (4.5 cu.ft. )

Model no GMR04BANBB
I am currently a college student living off campus in a dorm style room. I recently bought a black GE 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator for my room. I have been using my fridge for about a month now, and I think it is AWESOME! It is one of the largest compact refrigerators I could find.

It looks very sleek in my room and seems to work like a dream. I’ll start with the inside. The fridge has a ton of space inside. It easily fits a gallon of milk, 12 cans of soda, yogurt, fruit, and any other food you might need.

It comes with extra shelving options so you can customize your fridge to meet your needs. It also has a smaller compact freezer compartment that holds an ice tray. It has seven different cooling settings, and I have mine set at 5, which keeps everything plenty cold enough.

The door on the fridge has the option to open towards either direction. The overall style of the fridge is very appealing. It is a dark, shiny black, and it is a good size. The number one thing I like about the fridge is that it is super quiet. It is set up right next to my bed and I can’t even hear it running.

As for the price I think it is very fair. I paid $125 for my fridge. When I compared it to other compact refrigerators, I could not find any that were as big that were even in the same price range. I would definitely recommend this refrigerator to any college student who is looking to get a good quality fridge for a fair price.

– Runs super quiet.
– Lots of inside space.

– Small freezer.
– Collects dust and fingerprints easily.