GE GE Profile (PSHF6RGXWW) Energy-Saver Side-by-Side Refrigerator 25.5 cu ft

My husband and I purchased this model for our brand new home.

My refrigerator actually looks bigger than it is. I find that we don’t have much room in the freezer at all, and the shelves in the freezer door lead to items falling out all of the time. I have to leave the icemaker off most of the time, because when it’s on, the refrigerator leaks a puddle on my kitchen floor.

ENERGY STARĀ® / External Ice-Water Dispenser / Choice of Color
The refrigerator side isn’t much better. It’s hard to place the shelves in spots so that you can reasonably put tall things on one and still have room to put things on the others. There are a lot of shelves in the refrigerator door, and there’s a lot of room there. There’s a separate section in the door for eggs and a section for butter and cheese. The meat drawer leaves very little room for sandwich meat. There are two veggie drawers in the bottom with lots of room.

On the bright side, the fridge looks good. Mine is white, and it’s surprisingly easy to keep clean. It fits into a relatively tight spot in my kitchen. The handles are sturdy. I haven’t had any trouble with the lights on either side.

The various color choices for this model are lovely. There’s none of that return-to-the-70s goldenrod going on in their color scheme.


  • The refrigerator gets really cold.
  • It has water and ice dispensers in the freezer door.Cons:
  • It leaks.
  • There isn’t much room.