GE (GFSF2HCYWW) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model (22.2 cu.ft.)

I have had this refrigerator for the past couple months and so far I would say it gets the job done. I had to special order mine through my local home depot to have a stainless steel look, the wife would have killed me if I brought it home white. I would say that it took 3-4 days for the store to get it in from the factory, which left me impressed with G.E right off the bat.

So after I got it home, hooking up the water lines and power took a whole 20 minutes. Thank god it didn’t need a special attachment to hook it to the water line. Last time the wife picked out some fridge from Europe.

The thing needed a plumber and a translator to get it installed. Yes, I needed a translator to tell the plumber what the instructions said. At first I thought the fridge wasn’t running due to it being so quiet.
This was an improvement over the foreign job that I had before. The fridge is pretty big inside, I liked that the freezer was on the bottom so I didn’t have to throw out my back every time I wanted a beer. The thing even has a special snack draw so I can separate them from my “healthy” food.

The gallon holders in the door are a great plus. I guess the only thing I don’t like is the bright interior light. It’s fine for when everybody is up, but when it’s in the middle of the night. It is just hurts my eyes to get a midnight snack. Would I recommend this fridge to someone, sure it gets the job done. Just watch out for the lights.

– Great Price, plus you get a tax deduction since it’s an energy star item.
– Gets the job done, period. Everything is the right place.

– Retina burning interior lights.
– Adjustable crisper controls are too sensitive sometimes.