GE (GFSL6KEXLS) Clean Steel French-Door Refrigerator 25.8 CuFt

Open Door Warning Chime – Temperature Sensor
I own a GE GFSL6KEXLS refrigerator. My wife and I have owned it for approximately 1 year. During that time it has worked well for our family, held a sufficiently large amount of food and kept our food fresh.

However, the refrigerator has been making a noise, cause unknown, for the last 6 months, and the interior light bulb tends to get very hot.

My wife and I bought this refrigerator to replace a smaller, low capacity refrigerator which came with our house. The refrigerator has a by the book capacity of 25.8 cu ft and in practical terms I have found that the refrigerator is capable of comfortably holding all of our leftovers and three one gallon milk jugs.

The stainless exterior of the refrigerator is attractive and simple. It does show marks and hand-prints however.

The refrigerator has two features of which I am particularly fond. The first is the OPEN DOOR CHIME. Having two children capable of opening the refrigerator, having a chime to alert me when one of them has left the refrigerator open is a definite plus.

The second is the refrigerator TEMPERATURE SENSOR. As I have said, my young children leave the refrigerator doors open. If the refrigerator has been open for a while I can tell how bad the damage to our spoilables has been.

Overall I would recommend this refrigerator but I would prefer it if the refrigerator had an ice dispenser however.

The price for the refrigerator was the best feature.

My wife and I were able to buy the refrigerator from a Sears outlet.

Pros of the refrigerator:
* the large capacity,
* the freshness of our food.
* nice over all appearance
* Great features


  • the hot refrigerator light,
  • unexplained noise coming from the refrigerator.