GE (GSH22JFTA) Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator is a GE model GSH22JFTA BB side by side. This is one of the only side by side refrigerators that is short enough to fit into an over under sized space. It does have some competition in this aspect, but all of them were priced at least 20 percent more.

It has water, ice, and crushed ice through the door with a push button style selector that includes a lock to keep kids from using it. The ice maker takes some space away from the freezer, but it still has more room than a comparable over under setup.

The fridge side has ample space in the door with adjustable shelves. Inside the fridge itself, the center shelf has a leak proof ridge that keeps spills from spreading to the rest of the fridge.

This shelf is also mounted on rollers for easy access. The rest of the shelves are height adjustable and are tempered glass for easy cleaning. It has ample space for a four person family. A bigger family might run out of room. It is also very easy to use all of the features from the ice and water dispenser to the shelves and thermostats.

The only bad things I can think of is the ice dispenser freezes in the crushed position even when you want cubed. Its easily remedied, but annoying none the less. The other problem is the water filter doesn’t last very long. Water flow slows to a trickle within weeks if you have even the slightest hint of hard water.