GE (GSHS5KGXCCSS) Profile Side by Side Refrigerator GSHS5KGXCCSS

Our family purchased a GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator in November 2008. The model number of the one we purchased is GSHS5KGXCCSS, which is the stainless steel version with the stainless steel handles. We are satisfied with our purchase.

The refrigerator has had no warranty issues to date. It has kept our food at the proper temperature for both the refrigerator side and freezer side. On the door, is the control menu. It allows you to adjust the temperatures that you want for each side.

It is easy and straight-forward to use. There is a door alarm and a water filter changing feature included on the control panel. This version also comes with the ice and water dispenser system in the freezer door.

It is a very nice system. It gives you the options of having cubed ice, crushed ice, or water. As a nice addition, there is a feature called quick ice, which speeds up the production of ice for the next 2 days. Thus, if you are having a party, you can quickly make ice in advance for the occasion.

The refrigerator side is roomy and the deep compartments on the door are very nice. The trays are easy to remove and clean. It is well lit. The water filter is located in the refrigerator side and easy to access. The filters used for our model are the MWF versions and work great.

The freezer side is a bit cramped because we purchased the model with the ice and water system in the door. That system basically takes up the top two compartments in the door and the top compartment in the freezer.

– The compartments in the door are deep
– The refrigerator side is nicely laid out and well lit

– The freezer compartment is a bit cramped due to the ice maker being on the top
– The stainless steel doors are a hassle to keep clean