GE® GSL25JFXLB Stainless-Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser 25 cu ft

The GE refrigerator is a great price and a great brand. If you are looking for an inexpensive stainless steel refrigerator this is your best bet.

The whole refrigerator is not stainless steel but if you can hide the sides in your kitchen it should not present a problem.

The GE is a great brand they have a very good warranty and they are a trusted reliable company when it comes to appliances.

The inside of the refrigerator is quite roomy and there and all of the shelves are clear so you can easily find things inside.

There are many shelves and space for condiments and a lot of room for fresh produce. The freezer has sufficient room I believe it can be a little too narrow.

The ice machine makes ice very quickly and it relatively quiet.

Both the refrigerator and the freezer keep things at just the right temperature.

The exterior look of the refrigerator is beautiful. It has a very sleek looking handle on the outside and it is long enough so you can open it with ease. The problem with stainless appliances is fingerprints but the prints wipe off very easily with a special cleaner.

When you are looking for a high quality brand name for an inexpensive price this GE model is the way to go. It looks great in a modern kitchen accompanying the matching appliances.

When you want to redo your kitchen and your budget is an issue but you do not want to sacrifice your taste this is the perfect refrigerator choice.


  • Clear shelves to find things with ease
  • Good side
  • Makes ice quicklyCONS
  • Very narrow freezer space
    Black on the side instead of stainless around