GE GSS25KSW Side-by-Side Ice-Dispencing Refrigerator

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The GE GSS25KSW refrigerator is a great alternative for those that want a sleek, modern looking refrigerator, with lots of nice features, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a stainless steel model.

The smooth finish and contoured doors give it an updated look and are much easier to keep clean than the stainless alternatives.
The slide out, spill proof shelves also aid in quick clean up.

The temperature display takes the guess work out of adjusting the temperature and allows you to set it exactly how you want it. There is even a turbo cool option in case you need to freeze something in a short amount of time.

The quick space shelf adjusts easily without the necessity of removing all of the items from it first. This is great for tall items, such 2 liter soda bottles.

This energy efficient model will help you save on your electricity bill and the door alarm will alert you if the door is left open, which would waste lots of energy if gone unnoticed.

The area dedicated to dispensing water and ice is large and can accommodate even large glasses and pitchers. The filtered water tastes great, although isn’t very cold.

The ice has an odd flavor. The refrigerator typically runs very quietly, but has periods where it buzzes and chirps a little more loudly than usual.

The icemaker has been replaced twice, both as a result of the dispenser jamming and becoming inoperable. On both occasions, the service department at GE was pleasant to work with a resolved our problem quickly.

1. Excellent refrigerator capacity.
2. Visually appealing.

1. Freezer makes poor use of space.
2. Ice maker dispenses ice slowly.