GE (GTH18KBXWW) White – Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator (17.9 cu.ft.)

Energy Star® Deluxe Quiet Design (also in Black)

This refrigerator is a nice “entry level” model that is a no frills option when looking for a new refrigerator and freezer combination. The refrigerator is Energy Star® and has extended warranty plans available to help keep the cost of ownership as low as could be expected from a major appliance purchase.

The surfaces inside are easily cleaned with common household cleaners. The drawers and shelves are easily removed for access and cleaning and can be reinstalled in several different positions. The outside of this model is of strong quality and easily cleaned.

The cabinet is on rollers making it easy to slide in and out of position for cleaning around and behind. The doors are easily changed so that they open to either side if you choose to change locations. For an entry level refrigerator, this is a good choice as it provides a lot of usable space within its 17.9 cubic feet of space.

The adjustability of the shelves and drawers provide a lot options for setting this model up based on personal preferences. The ice-maker produces a lot of ice especially when you consider how compact it is. Of this model, the doors could use improvement.

The interior rails of the door do seem to be a weak point in the design of this model. While they allow a lot of space, the rails seem structurally weak and bend easily. The seals of the door, while sufficient, require a gentler cleaner than you would expect from a GE Refrigerator.

The price of this unit is a little steep when you look at other manufacturers but the GE quality is probably worth it if you plan to use this appliance for 5 years or more.