GE® GTN18BBTWW White ENERGY STAR® Top-Freezer Refrigerator 18.1 cu ft

Energy Star®

My refrigerator had been very good. I take good care of it and it hasn’t been that hard to clean.

It had very nice flat front surface in the front with no ice machine hole to clean.

It?s very simple and simple one of the best refrigerators I’ve ever bought for my home.

The freezer had a spot for loading ice trays and it freezes ice very fast. Most freezers I had in the past took a while to freeze my ice but this one freezes up my ice in about 3 hours. That?s very quick compared to other brands.

The refrigerator has a freezer and a fridge. The fridge is really nice; it had a place to store eggs conveniently in a small container on the door.

It also has a very roomy shelf system that doesn’t break like other cheaper models. Some models I’ve had from Kenmore worst than this.

The vegetables stay fresh in the vegetable drawer at feet level. It?s also somewhat waterproof, so if you spill on the bottom drawer it won?t seep in like most refrigerators.

It is very spacious, without an ice machine installed it has room for plenty of coke bottles, milk cartons and a whole weeks of groceries in the fridge without worrying about space because it has a lot. You may think that because it is so spacious that it?s not very good at being cold, but it can get very cold in the fridge. Set at the highest power, you can achieve ice in the fridge and freeze liquids.

energy efficient
very spacious

it?s very big so think about size when you are looking for a refrigerator because this fridge can take up a lot of space.