GE Monogram Refrigerator/ Freezer

I have owned this GE Monogram Refrigerator/Freezer for six years and have been mostly pleased with it. I have the stainless steel model and even after six years it still looks beautiful in my kitchen. The top portion is the refrigerator section. It also contains the controls for the entire appliance.

The controls are digital, easy to see and easy to manage. I have not had any trouble with the controls. The refrigerator section is roomy. There are three extra large shelves, two of which are adjustable. There are two drawers with seals that I use for meats and cheeses, and two bins with adjustable humidity that I use for fruits and vegetables.

The door has two butter compartments at the top and six shelves. The shelves are removable but not adjustable. Therefore, in order to make room for tall items, such as 2 litre soda bottles or wine bottles, one of the shelves must be removed. Only one of the shelves is deep enough to hold a gallon of milk.
The freezer section consists one large pull out drawers with two movable bins inside. I like the visibility this provides and also the access to all of the food. There is not much flexibility, though and some items don’t fit well, causing the bins to jam. Those are minor inconveniences. The only real complaint I have is that the shelf and drawer materials are made of a very brittle and breakable plastic.
I have had to replace three shelves and the tops of both bins. I also had to replace some of the hardware in the bottom freezer drawer. An appliance this expensive should hold up better.

– Appearance
– Roominess

– More flexility
– Breakable parts