GE Profile Performance Side-by Side Refrigerator

This refrigerator, we have had in our house for a while. It is a black GE Profile Performance refrigerator. It has both a freezer (on the left) and a refrigerator (on the right). One of the best things about this refrigerator is that there is a door in the front of it.

It is a small one that you can keep things that you use very frequently in, such as milk. This allows you to open the main door less, preventing more wear and tear in addition to keeping the cool air in the refrigerator. It is about the size needed to put two one gallon jugs of milk and something small in.

With the amount of milk we go through in our house, this is great. There are many compartments within the refrigerator. One of these is a drawer for cheeses and meats. The drawer allows you to keep a different temperature in it than the rest of the refrigerator. There is yet another one for produce.

The refrigerator side is larger than the freezer portion of this appliance. The refrigerator is very deep which allows for a great amount of storage, but at the same time things tend to get buried. Many times food has gone bad in it just because we never saw it to eat it.

It it deep enough to hold 4 or 5 cartons of orange juice one behind another. Something else about the depth is that many times it takes a while to find something. This also contributes to the food going bad. I am 5 feet 7 inches and I can reach everything in there with easy. Everyone who has ever come to my house has had no trouble getting anything as far as I know.

– There are many compartments within the refrigerator
– There is a door in the front of it.
– It’s too deep that it will take you time to find something