GE Profile PFSS6PKXASS French-Drop-Door Refrigerator 26 cu ft

Electronic Sensors, TurboCool/TurboFreeze Settings

A great looking refrigerator that unfortunately lacks a bit in small ways.
The freezer on bottom is great, no leaning over to retrieve items out of it, and with no ice maker, the freezer is plenty spacious.

The primary drawback is the automatic ice maker. It makes a lot of noise when dropping ice, and is incredibly slow. I fill a large 24 oz cup with ice when working in the yard. This pretty much empties the ice maker and it takes 2 days to refill itself.

The documentation on certain things such as the keypad is lacking.

My “Change Filter” light came on after 3 weeks. The documentation does not differentiate between the standard keypad and the fancier LED keypad.

To make a long story short, the “Change Filter” light turns from green to orange when it is time to change the filter. This is explained absolutely nowhere in the documentation, I had assumed when the light came on it was time to change the filter.

GE online help was no help, it took several emails to the company to find out I had wasted $50 on a new filter that was not needed.


  • The freezer is very spacious.
  • This is a very good looking appliance that makes any kitchen look better.
  • The in-door ice maker is very nice.
  • The non-spill shelves are very nice.CONS:
  • The ice maker takes up too much room in the top unit, is very noisy, does not have enough capacity, and takes too long to refill itself.
  • The documentation is not clear and customer support is difficult to find.