GE Profile™ (PSB48YSXSS) 48″ Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Electronic Dispenser 29.5 cu ft

The PSB48YSXSS is a side by side refrigerator that comes with a number of useful features that are designed for convenience and energy efficiency.

The PSB48YSXSS is designed for easy storage and retrieval of items in a modern and stylish body that helps it blend perfectly with the decor in most kitchens.

Interior Features

  • The PSB48YSXSS features the ClimateKeeper with DualEvaporators as its main temperature management system. Other temperature management features include ELECTRONIC SENSORS, an actual temperature display and external temperature controls.
  • It sports the PATENTED FrostGuard for preventing over accumulation of frost in the unit.
  • The PSB48YSXSS comes with a factory INSTALLED ICE MAKER as well as with a storage bin for your ice.
  • The unit comes with a built in dispenser for water and ice. The dispenser also comes with a secure CHILD LOCK and is illuminated by the DISPENSER LIGHT for safe and convenient retrieval of water and ice.
  • The unit comes with the water FILTER INDICATOR LIGHT to tell you when the filter needs changing.
  • DOOR ALARM is handy for knowing if any of the doors are ajar.
  • Cabinet shelving are ADJUSTABLE and SPILL PROOF.
  • The FRESH DOOR BINS are clear for easy identification of the contents.
  • A bin with a GALLON STORAGE is also available.
  • There is a DAIRY COMPARTMENT for dairy products.
  • The INTERIOR LIGHTING is good for illuminating the interiors of the unit for easy retrieval of stored items.
  • The unit comes with a WINE HOLDER.
  • The DELI DRAWER provides for maximum temperature regulation for meats and meat products.Exterior Features
  • The unit comes in a stainless steel finish for a more polished and sleek look.
  • The dispenser is color matched to the overall finish of the unit.
  • The unit features a built-in exterior design.
  • Handles are stainless steel sculptured and molded in to the unit.
  • The unit also comes with door stops and adjustable rollers located at the front.Dimension Specifications
    Depth: 27 inches
    Height: 84 inches
    Width: 48 inches
    Total volume: 29.5 cu. ft.


  • The PSB48YSXSS is larger compared to other units and gives MORE TOTAL SPACE.
  • Doors are NARROWER in side by side, making it suited for crowded kitchens.
  • The food items are also DISTRIBUTED VERTICALLY so you can access the food easily.
  • Shelf material is glass which makes it perfect for VIEWING the items inside.
  • The freezer compartment is lighted for EASY RETRIEVAL of freezer items.
  • The AUTOMATIC DEFROST system ensures that no ice builds up in the freezer compartments.Disadvantages
  • The freezer and refrigerator are narrower which means you can easily STORE WIDER ITEMS, such as whole pizzas or veggie platters inside.
  • More EXPENSIVE compared to stacked models.
  • The PSB48YSXSS is larger so this may not be the best option for smaller kitchens.
  • Despite the space, some have still complained that with this unit, it’s more difficult to store wider itemsPros
  • Larger and has more space
  • Narrow door – perfect for crowded spaces
  • Food items are easier to retrieveCons
  • Difficult to store wide items
  • More expensive compared to stacked models
  • Too large for small kitchen spaces