GE refrigerator Side-by-Side with Dispenser Model BSS25JSRFSS

Purchased GE refrigerator Side-by-Side with Dispenser Model BSS25JSRFSS stainless steel from Best Buy in Sept. 2005 at that time we went for the GE name and unaware appliances manufactured by GE are of poor quality.

Refrigerator broke down in just over a year the card/chip was defective and we paid $365 for repairs and at that time the technician sold us a GE service warranty lying to us that it was GE operated and did not tell us that we will have to go through Service Protection Plus some kind of insurance company for service and repairs to the product.

Refrigerator broke down again on 07/23/2010 and we called 1-800-6262224 phone # Service Protection Plus and scheduled a service for Monday 07/26/2010 the technician found the evaporator defective and ordered the part which came on Thursday 07/29/2010 we called Service Protection to schedule a technician for 07/30/2010 and it was scheduled for 08/2/2010 afternoon.

Technician did not show up on time between 1pm to 5pm but came at 5.45pm. Technician fixed the evaporator and left at 6.45pm and said wait until next morning to put stuff in. We checked the refrigerator it was not cooling and we called Service Protection who wanted to schedule a technician for Thursday 08/05/2010 after argument and I asking to speak to a manager scheduled it for Wednesday 08/04/2010.

This is what one will have to go through if you buy GE products. I have had two bad experiences with GE products.

GE products are of poor quality, parts, service and repair are expensive, service and repair technician don’t show up on time and quality of repair is bad. And one will have to deal with the extended warranty provider whose contracts are expensive.