GE (TFX22CR) Ice & Water Dispensing Side by Side Refrigerator –

I’ve had this refrigerator for about two years. I like it because it has enough space in the refrigerator side for many different sizes and shapes of items. The refrigerator door especially is versatile and can hold milk or other large containers.

The shelves contain small spills so that they don’t drip on the items below. Ice can be dispensed from the freezer door without opening the unit. I think the freezer side is a bit small, and it’s difficult to see what’s under items.

But this is not unique. The next refrigerator will have a built in water filter. I like that magnets adhere to the outside of the refrigerator, because I have seen some that will not hold a magnet. Recently I had to have the auto defroster fixed. It was out of warranty by just a few months, and I thought it should not be breaking-down so quickly after purchase, but it was inexpensive and easy to fix.

The ice maker doesn’t keep up with high usage when we have guests. Sometimes I am amazed at the capacity of the refrigerator section especially with the drawers. I sometimes forget they are there. I like it ok. The next one will have the built in filter, but on the whole I like this one.

– Quiet
– Ice dispenser in the door

– Freezer is small
– No built in water filter