GE (WMR04GAVBB) Compact Refrigerator (4.3 cu.ft.)

The WMR04GAVBB from GE I bought the GE mini-fridge for my wife because she needed extra fridge space. She juices vegetables and needed a good separate and easy to clean spot for them. This was a perfect fit. It has 4.3 cubic feet of space, and the shelving is all adjustable, so we’re able to arrange even our massive 25 pound bag of carrots in there with no problem, and still have room for a few beers.
This little refrigerator does it’s job of keeping things cold quite well. Even on low settings, temps are all around even. Thus far, we haven’t had any problem at all with things getting frosted and such.
The size all around is great too, and is sort of acting as a night stand in our bedroom. It tucks nicely into the corner. Here’s the pros and cons This fridge runs very quietly, and doesn’t use much electricity in general.

We have it on one of the lower settings, so this little fridge can get very cold. It’s great, and the movable shelving is excellent for harder to fit items. One frustration with this machine however was that in the first week, our freezer had frozen over, nearly an inch thick on either side, and the door to the freezer broke off.

We dealt with this though and left it, because we hardly used that anyway. But it’s still a frustrating occurrence, though common with this type of mini-fridge. I have not yet sought out replacement parts for it, because it would most likely just happen again.

– Customizable shelves
– Stays very consistently cold

– Cheap freezer door