Godrej Axis – GDA 19b Single-Door Small Refrigerator

small and portable

This model is good and sufficient for a family of 2 to 3 persons. We are a family of 4 grown-ups and at times we get the feeling that we did the wrong thing by choosing smaller size. May be we should have gone for one size bigger. We also regret the fact that we didn’t choose frost-free refrigerator.

In this model, we have to always keep track of amount of frost accumulated in our freezer. Every now and then (that is, once in a week at least) we have to defrost our freezer, which is really painful. Also, at times, water from the frost’s melt tends to get overflowed from the water-collecting tank causing the whole mess.

Body of this model is pretty sleek and we have not seen any color fading at all. But initially, we did face some problems with door lock. For some reason, we were not able to lock the door without pushing it really hard. We had to call technician to see if there is anything wrong with our particular refrigerator, but even he could not help much. We are living with that problem even 2.5 years after we bought it.

On a positive side, cooling of this refrigerator is pretty good. The knob, which controls temperature in refrigerator, is very helpful. We can control exact amount of coolness we want during different seasons in India.

A small sized refrigerator also doesn?t give you headache while moving. Being in the industry where I have to relocate to different cities frequently, this refrigerator is not such a pain.


  • small/portable size,
  • sleek body
  • good temperature controlCons:
  • not a frost-free refrigerator,
  • small capacity
  • door lock not best