GODREJ GFP220P Top-Freezer Refrigerator

200 litres total capacity : frost free controls

Godrej is one of the best electronics company and we have the above model mention in this review.

It has a good design with double door facility with over all 200 litres capacity with 50 liter freezer capacity.

We can keep the vegetables in the bottom of refrigerator with a separate box. It has frost free controls so the vegetable will sustain for more than 3 days.

The freezer also very good to get the ice cubes faster. It have the good compressor to run the refrigerator good.

* It has the freezer door separately to get the ice cubes fast.
* It has the good efficiency compressor to keep the vegetable cool.
* Moisture and humidity control,
* Door lock,
* Defrost System

* Its compressor will get heat while running mode.
* Its watts is high so it will take more current cost. |
* Overall Good Capacity 200 litres