Haier HRD 211 GS Top-Freezer Refrigerator (190 liter capacity)

I have been using the Haier refrigerator (190 liter capacity) since two years and I am quite happy with the product. Haier is the very first consumer appliance brand to win recognition throughout the world. The quality of the product grabbed my attention in making a purchase.

The refrigerator also attracted me with its elegant look and easy to use features. There is a frost free freezer which I use mainly to prepare ice-creams and to store meat. Its big and transparent chiller tray and large vegetable box renders better storage for the vegetables and safeguards its freshness by controlling the humidity. Also, the consumption of electricity is less compared to the other refrigerators.

Unlike other refrigerators, uniform and thicker insulation protects the individuals from getting absorbed by shocks. Its door shelves can accommodate even the huge bottles and is highly required by families like us where there is a need to store more water and fresh juices. We used to prepare and store jellies in it. It is also very easy to clean the equipment.

In spite of the advantages I am forced to tell the negative part of the refrigerator. It is a little expensive and hence I think it is not affordable to middle class families. Even though, the company gives assurance of not using the stabilizer, I feel and suggest that it is not a safe way. The stabilizer helps in protecting the voltage fluctuations and is a necessary appliance for all the electrical devices. Also, the size of the freezer is quite small. It does not have enough space to store the raw non-vegetarian food stuffs in it. Otherwise the product keeps up its good standard and quality. I an very satisfied with it and also recommend the refrigerator.

– Elegant look and Uniform insulation.
– Safeguards the freshness by controlling humidity.

– Expensive
– Size of the freezer is quite small.