Haier Refrigerator Reviews

Haier is a manufacturer of various gadgets — from cell phones to computers to home appliances. As of 2008, Haier is considered as the 4th largest white goods manufacturer in the world, with reported sale figures of over $17.8 billion across all divisions.

This company is also hailed as one of China’s top 100 IT companies. The history of Haier goes back to the 1920s, when a refrigerator factory was established in Qingdao. This factory was then taken over and became a state-owned business after the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949.

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Haier HRF-369DVC Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Capacity 289L 
Haier HRF-369DVC bottom-freezer refrigerator is designed for the West Asia and South Asia market.
It is a circulation refrigeration system and has a firmament …

Haier HTE18WAAWW Top Freezer Refrigerator 
This is a refrigerator that is no longer being manufactured.
Below is comment from a customer with this model…..

HAIER 369AA Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Silver 10.2 cu ft 
The Haier 269AA bottom freezer refrigerator that is built for the Asian market in particular. It is a fairly basic refrigerator which comes in a silver …

Haire HRB-306HPX4/2010 Not rated yet
I bought this fridge in Nov 2010. Till date 26th Aug 2014 it stopped working for 3 times. This time its compressor is off. Thank God it is still under …

Haier 18cu rrtg18pabw Not rated yet
Bought june 23 09 would not reconment to anyone its four years old and i just lost everything in my freezer and refridge my last one last 12 years never …

Haier Refrigerators – Stay Clear Not rated yet
Anybody even considering buying a Haier Refrigerator, please visit http://haierhrf.blogspot.in/ and read my experience.

21 cu ft refrig Not rated yet
It quit after 16 month. the first and last hailer i will ever own of any kind

Haier HTE18WAAWW Top Freezer Refrigerator Not rated yet
This is a refrigerator that is no longer being manufactured.
Below is comment from a customer with this model…..

Haier RRTW18VABW 18.2 cu ft Top-Mount Frost-Free Refrigerator WHITE  Not rated yet
Interior Features The REFRIGERATOR comes with 2 Full-width Adjustable Wire Shelves but does not have the popular spill-proof glass shelves. …

Haier Frost-Free Top-Mount Refrigerator HTA18VABW – White 18.2 cu ft Not rated yet
The Haier HTA18VABW is a fairly basic model which has limited features but is a good model for those that are starting to set up home as is is a good …

Haier PRTS18SACW – White) (18 cu ft) (Phoenix Series) Top-Mount-Freezer Refrigerator  Not rated yet
The Haier PRTS18SAC(W) Top-Mount-Freezer Refrigerator is distinctive in that it is designed with Haier’s distinctive blue-tint features highlight in many …

Haier (18.2 cu ft) Frost-Free Top-Mount Refrigerator-Freezer RRTG18PABW Not rated yet
The RRTG18PABW Top-Mount Refrigerator and Freezer from Haier comes in a silvery finish, making it an excellent appliance to have at home.
The unit also …

Haier HRF12WNDWW Top Mount Frost-Free Refrigerator/Freezer – White 12.1 cu ft Not rated yet
White in color, this Haier model comes with various features made to answer many household needs. The unit is of a classic yet stylish design that would …

Haier (1.7 cu ft) Black Compact One-Door Refrigerator (HNSB02BB)  Not rated yet
This compact size refrigerator is ideal for dorm rooms or households with very few occupants. The design is a classic white build. A black model is also …

Haier HRD 211 GS Top-Freezer Refrigerator (190 liter capacity) Not rated yet
I have been using the Haier refrigerator (190 liter capacity) since two years and I am quite happy with the product. Haier is the very first consumer appliance …

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Refrigerator Overview


In 1984, the company was founded as Qingdao Refrigerator Co. It was only in 1992 that the name of the said company was changed into Haier Group. Haier has its headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong, People’s Republic of China. And from an all-refrigerator manufacturing company, Haier today is known for the variety of gadgets and appliances it provides.

The company claims that it focuses on reliability and quality in delivering goods to the consumers. However, in the end, it is still the consumers who will have the final say regarding the value of the products that Haier claims to be of excellent quality.

One of the products in which Haier takes pride in is its line of refrigerators. The company reports to have various excellent models for this product. Read on to know the features that Haier refrigerators have and how consumers rate this company’s products.

Haier Refrigerators Key Features

Each Haier refrigerator model has features distinct from another model. Of course, the latest models have newer and more high-end features than the older ones. One of the models that Haier boasts is its HF-320.

Micro Foam Technology

One of the models that boasts this innovative Micro-Foam Technology is the JR-N100C(W)

This advanced Micro-Foam Technology works for the dexterity and flexibility of the materials used in this refrigerator. Other features of this model include its optimized cooling systems, a thick insulation for energy efficiency and with its low noise operation, consumers can sleep soundly through the night.

Efficient Performance

There are also other models focusing on efficient performance. The HRD-211, for instance, is designed with optimized condensing system, pre-cooling before defrosting, which helps maintain the freshness of the stored goods. Aside from these, it has an Intelligent Operation feature. The Intelligent Operation is designed for automatic operation. Some consumers cited this as the best feature of Haier refrigerators.

Automatic Problem Detecting

Another feature that could be found in some of Haier’s refrigerators is the Automatic Problem Detecting and Warning System, and also a Door Cooling Warning System.

Aside from the special features present in some of the products, there are also various other features of Haier refrigerators that some consumers like. One of these is the variety of options for the sizes — from sleek, free-standing units to portable and stylish compact refrigerators.


There are lots of shoppers who are satisfied with the pricing of the refrigerators. The company manufactures a unit that is sold for as low as a little over $200. The HBF55, for instance, is only $219 with energy-efficient and low-noise feature.

Design and Style

In terms of design and style, many consumers like the HVZO40ABH5S model. This model has blue gray tinted door and metal trim, which gives it the look of sophistication. This appliance is actually designed for storing wine. There are other models from Haier designed with a frost-free feature.

The purpose of this is to decrease the frequency of the defrosting of the refrigerator. Some models are also Energy Star certified. For many consumers, this is a good feature because this could cut down on their electricity consumption.

Consumer complaints

Although, Haier models have various features that it can boast of, the bad qualities of some of the products are undeniable. Some consumers complained that the packaging and shipment service of the company is not good. Some mentioned that they received damaged and dusty items.

Other consumers complained about the noisy operation of the models they purchased. According to them, even though the company claims to manufacture noise-free refrigerators, some models produced a constant buzzing sound within a few weeks after their purchase.

There are also consumers who are disappointed with some of Haier’s models, because they said that these units are not working as efficiently as the company claims them to be.

Aside from these, many consumes say that the models that they bought stopped working after a few weeks after they started using them. And when they tried calling the company about this problem, the people at Haier didn’t respond to them.

Haier Refrigerators Product Types

Haier provides various types of refrigerators. It has free-standing, built in, drawer, and compact models. For space saving home appliance, the company suggests its drawer and compact refrigerators.

The models under these types are small that they are usually installed in offices, bedrooms, and kitchen areas with limited space.

An example of the space-saving refrigerator is HNDE03VS, duel-door, refrigerator freezer, with a capacity of only 3 cu.ft. feet. This compact unit, with its reversible steel-colored door, is as reliable as a full-size refrigerator, while being suitable in a variety of positions

Free Standing

For free standing type, an example is the HNSB02BB.

These compact little refrigerators are ideal for the office. den or dorm.

This smart black refrigerator has an overal capacity of 1.7 cu. ft. with the internal icebox having a storage capacity of 0.16 cu.ft.

Another model which is sleek and compact is the NuCool Compact Refrigerator, RNU1708W.

This appliance is only 1.7 cu. ft. in storage capacity.

However, it contains features that consumers consider excellent such as the adjustable thermostat, half-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray, full-width slide-out wire shelf, full-width and half-width door storage shelf, and manual defrost.


Haier also has undercounter models.

One of the popular models under this type is HNSE05SS Undercounter & Compact Refrigerator.

This model has a space-saving flat-back design and leveling legs.

For free-standing ones, Haier offers a wide range of choices for the size and design — from long and sleek units to short and wide ones.

Although the company claims that its products have lots of features that could prove to be beneficial to consumers, in the end, the consumers are still the ones who will determine if the products offered by Haier are of good quality.