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The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company was founded in 1911 in Britain and quickly spread to Europe and in 1920, started a joint venture in North America.

In 1929 they became part of the General Electric Company. Internationally the Hotpoint brand is sold by the Indesit Company and partnered with Ariston.

Hotpoint is a popular brand for those on a tighter budget as the range of appliances are fairly low-priced items and are quite basic in their designs and styles.

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Model No. CTX17BAZDRWH  Not rated yet
What an unbelievably poorly made piece of crap. I’m renting an apartment that came with this model of refridgerator.

If you look at the door, the …

Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTR16ABSRCC (15.16 cu.ft) Not rated yet
Overall this refrigerator works fine for me. Nothing very special, but it does what it’s supposed to do and I’ve never had any maintenance problems with …

Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTR16ABSBLWW Not rated yet
The General Electric Hotpoint Top Freezer Refrigerator is a serviceable refrigerator with a mouthful of a name. Although it is smaller than the average …

Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTM18IBPSA (18 cu.ft.) Not rated yet
The Hot Point refrigerator we currently use was included with our apartment. We thoroughly enjoy it more so then any other refrigerator we have owned. …

Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator (HTR16BBRFRWW) Not rated yet
I cannot say much of anything good about this refrigerator. I hate it. The fan often ices up and makes a horrible grinding noise that keeps even our pet …

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Refrigerator Overview


Hotpoint Refrigerator Overview and History

Hotpoint appliances are fairly reasonably priced which makes them very marketable for a those with a fixed or tight budget.

However this is reflected in the limited range of choice that they offer, which are quite basic in their designs and styles.

Hotpoint produce a number of small household appliances, which can be purchased at many main retailers across the United States,

Hotpoint Refrigerator Key Features

Adjustable Glass Shelves

Being fully adjustable, the shelving, offers a variety of shelf configuration which can be changed and readjusted to suit the refrigerator content – especially when faced with those extra tall items.

Door Bins

There are a good range of handy containers and boxes incorporated into the door, for quick and easy access and food separation – to prevent cross- odor contamination.

Adjustable Gallon Door Bins

Being deeper and wider than conventional door bins, gives ideal space to story large containers and gallon jars.
Heavier items can be safely stored in the securely supported, integrated door, giving added versatility for storage of both heavier items and taller containers.

Deluxe Quiet Design

The design of many Hotpoint refrigerators, helps to prevent normal refrigerator noises, by means of using quite fans and motors, as well as strategic placing of any noisier part to lower noises, as well as using ‘foam-in’place’ insulation.

Tall Dispenser With Child Lock

The water dispenser has been designed so that tall containers fit easily into the dispenser recess. A child lock can be activated – or deactivated simply

External Electronic Controls

The electronic sensors on the conveniently placed external controls continuously measures and displays the interior temperature.
Easy to use, control pads allow finger-tip adjustment of all functions inside the refrigerator, without the need to open the refrigerator doors.

FrostGuard™ Technology

An electronic system carefully calculates when a defrost cycle is required, by means of a number of sensor reading.
A ‘pre-chill’ component has been factored into the design, which lowers the food temperature by 15-20° prior to the defrost cycle commenting – to prevent partial thawing of food, during the defrost cycle.

AutoEnergy Saver

The AutoEnergy Saver technology senses when a door has been opened and adjusts the operating cycle and the compressors accordingly.

NeverClean™ Condenser

This it situated in a sealed compartment, keeping the coil cleaner and reducing the need for maintenance.
This technology is used in all GE® and GE Profile™ refrigerators and helps to keep the refrigerator at the optimal temperature , providing maximum energy efficiency

GE Water Filtration – 6-Month Filter

The GE designed water filtration system removes impurities from the water, providing a constant supply of fresh-tasting water.
There are many contaminants in household water – but this filtration system removes these impurities over a period of 6-months.
When the filter needs to be replaced an indicator light is lit , as a reminder.

Other features that is likely to be incorporated into many Hotpoint refrigerators are :-

Upfront Illuminated Temperature Control

Clear Crisper Drawers

Spillproof Freezer Floor

Equipped For Optional Ice-maker

Fixed Door Shelves

Sealed Crisper

Hotpoint Refrigerator Product Types Available

The range and styles of Hotpoint appliances are fairly basic and considered to be low-priced and have become very popular for those on a strict budget.

The capacity of Hotpoint refrigerators range from 1,7 cu ft to 25 cu ft and the available styles of refrigerators and freezers available are :-

  1. Side-by-Side Refrigerators
  2. Top-Freezer Refrigerators
  3. Compact Refrigerators
  4. Chest Freezer

1 Side-by-Side Refrigerators

The silver-coloured HSM25GFTSA is a good example of 25 cu.ft. Side-by-Side ice and water dispensing refrigerator.

It comes with a good range of sealed crispers, door bins and small containers to ensure food is kept fresh and crisp, preventing odour-contamination.

Defrosting is controlled with Hotpoint’s FrostGurard™ technology, which prevents freezer-burning and the AutoEnergy Saver feature recognizes when doors are open, adjusting the temperature cycle accordingly.

2 Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Top Freezer Refrigerators have six different size appliances available, with an overall capacity ranging from 15.5 cu.ft. to 18 cu.ft.

A typical example of a Hoover Top-Freezer Refrigerator – and this 16.6 cu.ft. silver metallic model, is designed with it easily accessible, up-front temperature controls.

This Deluxe Quiet Design comes with a good basic range of cabinet shelves and fresh food drawers, including 2 full-width door shelves with gallon storage, while the eye-level freezer comes with a Ice N’Easy tray.

With Hoovers FrostGurard™ technology, specially designed sensors calculate exactly when the Refrigerator requires defrosting, resulting in fewer defrosting cycles.

3 Compact Refrigerators

Hotpoint Compact refrigerators are manufactured by GE.
The Compact range has three sizes available with capacities ranging from 1.7 cu.ft. to 5.7 cu.ft.

With its 4.3 cu ft capacity this GE-manufactured Hotpoint Compact GMR04HASCS refrigerator come with a CleanSteel™ exterior, which is resistant to fingerprints, smears and streaky marks, and is designed with stylish, recessed color-matched handles.

As well as a useful can rack, the 3 wire cabinet shelves have easy to clean shelves and the 3 fresh-food door shelves keep foods easily accessible.

The little freezer compartment the top of the refrigerator has a mini Ice ‘N Easy Tray which releases its ice cubes with a quick twist.

1 Chest Freezer

Hotpoint offer a small range of Freezers which are manufactured by GE.
There are six different sized Chest Freezer available with capacities ranging from 5 cu.ft. to 24.9 cu.ft.

A typical example of a Chest Freezer is the white colored, FCM20SUWW freezer, which has a 19.9 cu ft capacity.

The interior has a steel epoxy-coated cabinet liner for better insulation and a useful power “ON’ light.

With its 5 lift-out and sliding-bulk storage baskets, this is a basic design, with a manual defrost design.