Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator HTR16ABSBLWW

The General Electric Hotpoint Top Freezer Refrigerator is a serviceable refrigerator with a mouthful of a name. Although it is smaller than the average refrigerator, it is the perfect size for a single apartment or a residence with a similarly small kitchen. The refrigerator has three levels, each with the capacity to hold most foodstuffs, from filets of fish to a tub of marinating burgers.

Underneath the bottommost level, a cupboard slides out, which is a good organizing tool for vegetables and other items. The door has a container tray so the average cook can place things such as jelly, syrup, soy sauce, and other condiments for easy access and convenience. The freezer is plenty large and can store stacks and stacks of frozen food, so stock up on frozen waffles and ice cream.

The freezer does lack an ice maker and a convenient area to place ice cube trays, which detracts from the space allotment slightly. The freezer door does have two container trays where the organized cook can place vegetables, frozen pizzas (mini pizzas), and other items for easy access and convenience. The freezer is also powerful, capable of forming ice on the outside of the packages, so be very careful of such an occurrence.

The main appeal of the General Electric Hotpoint Top Freezer Refrigerator is utility. While its white appearance is status quo and it lacks decoration, it is a completely functional refrigerator and fits nicely in small kitchens where space is at a premium, such as single apartments and small residences. Function trumps style.

    Consumer Likes and Dislikes

– Convenient size
– Large freezer

– Lack of an ice maker
– Only one sliding cupboard