Kenmore 5791 Side by Side Dispensing Refrigerator (25.3 cu.ft)

I don’t think I would buy this refrigerator again. It was difficult to find things and the clear shelves got dirty very easily. Often times the shelves would slide out a little and products would fall behind them, leaving a huge mess.

There just wasn’t enough room and because the refrigerator was so thin you had to pack things in front of each other, making it nearly impossible to easily pull out food from the back. Things have come crashing down on me before, and left a huge mess to clean up on the floor. Come to think of it, I’ve had to clean up jelly, pickles, juices and much more.

All this could be avoided with a larger fridge that isn’t nearly as deep. Also, the filter on the water dispenser often needs changing, and when I don’t have time to change it it’s pretty much useless because the water starts to taste like lead. It would be nice if that was something I didn’t have to deal with.

I would even consider getting a refrigerator without a water dispenser to alleviate myself of the task of ever having to change the filter. There are very few positive things about this refrigerator. Even the cooling isn’t done so well, and things in the produce section often turn frosty. I was happy to find a place where I could review this product because I feel passionate about the unfortunate incidents and aggravation this product has brought into my life

– It looks nice
– It fits well in my kitchen because it’s so thin

– Not enough space inside
– Food not easily accessible