Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator (18.2 cu. ft.)

Adjustable glass slide-out shelves- Clear humidity crisper

My landlord purchased this Kenmore refrigerator for me when my old one died after many years. I was hoping for one in stainless steel with glass shelves and an ice-maker but he opted for this bare-bones model.

It is basically a big white box, quite tall, and also very deep. It has two doors ? a freezer on top and the refrigerator on the bottom. These are pretty heavy but easy to open and balance well in the open position.

The refrigerator has clear plastic crisper drawers (2) and a clear plastic butter container in the door pockets, both of which I like.

The shelves in the refrigerator are glass. I really like these ? I?m used to wire rack shelves in my old refrigerator and these just look much nicer.

So far, the energy cost on this refrigerator have been good although it is not Energy Star rated. I would say one of the drawbacks is the fact that it is noisy.

There?s no two ways about it ? it is a noisy refrigerator. I live in a studio and I can always hear when it?s on.

I guess insulation is not the strongest feature of this unit. Other than the fact that is is plain looking and somewhat loud, I?m more than happy with the performance of this Kenmore.


  • glass shelves
  • clear plastic crispers and butter holderCons
  • noisy
  • plain looking