Kenmore 69293 Frost-Free Top-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless-Steel 22.1 cu ft

Energy Star® : available in THREE colors : Silde-Away-Shelf

Kenmore 69293 Top-Freezer STAINLESS-Steel Refrigerator is a simple but elegant addition to any kitchen – with a good range of FEATURES. It is available in 3 stunning colors.
It is Energy Star compliant so is economical to run and is easy to maintain.

    Interior Features

  • Being Energy Star compliant this top-freezer refrigerator is ECONOMICAL, saves on running costs and is environmentally friendly – meeting with government recommendations.
  • The REFRIGERATOR houses 4 large adjustable shelves with one being a Slide-Away Shelf – that enable you to readjust the interior storage of the cabinet to accommodate much taller items. It can easily be reversed when you want to have more shelving.
  • The 3 Adjustable-Door-Bins, and the 2 Humidity-Controlled are made in all made in transparent plastic, so that you can see easily inside without having to open the bins.
  • The refrigerator door has an additional Beverage-Rack that hold number of cans – for quick and easy retrieval and there is also a convenient Snack/Deli-Drawer.
  • The FREEZER compartment has 2 good sized Door-Bins and is fitted with a Frost-Free Defrost system.
  • The Electronic-Controls are housed inside and are Up-Front for easy access. They have an easy to read digital read-out from cold (1) to coldest (7).

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 6929 refrigerator is available in THREE great colors:-White (69292) Black (69299) and Stainless Steel (69293)
  • The contoured shape door gives a soft feeling to this appliance and the handles are recessed so that there are no protruding parts – which is much better if this is to be kept in a smaller kitchen.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 ¾ Inches
    Height: 67 ½ Inches
    Width: 32 7/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 22.1 cu. ft.
    Refrigerator Section: 16.1 cu. ft
    Freezer Section: 6.0 cu. ft


  • This is a very spacious refrigerator for a top-freezer refrigerator and it is an advantage having shelves that are MOVABLE.
  • There are a really good number and variety of TRANSPARENT and humidity controlled containers and bins which is a great advantage
  • While this refrigerator has been identified as QUIET by some customers – other consider it to be rather noisy. This could be a one-off fault or it could be individual’ perception of noise
  • Having Energy Star rating is always an advantage and it is great having a freezer with a FROST-FREE system that does not require defrosting, is great.


  • Some customers have discovered a manufacturing DEFECT which caused the freezer door to pop open when the refrigerator was closed – but this should be something that is dealt with if discovered.
  • Some customers have complained that this refrigerator and the freezer section run at a TEMPERATURE that is consistently too warm, despite being put at the lowest setting.
  • It has been suggested that there any be a DESIGN FAULT with this model as some customers have found that the door stops about 6” short of the refrigerator seal – which means that you have to push the door shut with you hand.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Energy Star and energy efficient
  • nice and roomy
  • good uniform temperature in refrigerator and freezer
  • easy to maintain and clean
  • classy looking and sleek
  • delighted with this model
  • large shelves
  • very practical unit
  • durable
  • no frills
  • very quiet running
  • good features
  • excellent crisper
  • practical layout and designCons
  • manufacturing fault with freezer door opening
  • too warm a temperature
  • have to push the refrigerator door shut
  • does not cool below 47-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • rather noisy appliance
  • insufficient space to store eggs