Kenmore 69372 Top-Freezer Refrigerator WHITE (22.1 cu ft) Energy Star® compliant

Energy Star® – Basic Model – 3 Colors Available

The Kenmore 69372 top-freezer refrigerator is an Energy Star appliance that has a cubic capacity of 22.1 cu. ft. This one comes in WHITE but there are two other color choices. It is a pretty basic model that is very REASONABLY PRICED and is a good option for the family that is on a tight budget.
The features include the SpillProof glass shelving, good range of door bins and the freezer comes with a Frost-Free defrosting system. Being Energy Star compliant it is ECONOMICAL and the interior is nicely set out with easy to use electronic controls.

    Interior Features

  • This is an Energy Star compliant model which means that you will save up to 20% on your running costs and have an appliance that is very COST EFFECTIVE, efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • In the REFRIGERATOR 4 Spill-Proof shelves are adjustable so that you can arrange your refrigerator how best suites you. Being made of glass it is so easy to wipe up any little spillages that may occur.
  • The door is fitted with 3 large Opaque Adjustable Door- Bins as well as a In-Door Can Shelf, which conveniently places for quick and easy access.
  • The Electronic Controls are placed inside the cabinet and are Up-Front for convenience, They are Digital and have a temperature range of cold to coldest, which range from 1 to 7.
  • In the FREEZER section there is a Frost-Free Defrost system which means that there is no more messy defrosting to be done as it does this function automatically.
  • There is no ice-maker but there is an ice storage facility in the freezer section.

      Exterior Features

  • The Kenmore 6937 refrigerator is available in three good-looking colors:-
    White (69372) Black (69379) and Ultra Satin (69376)
  • The refrigerator in this review is overall White with no contrasting colors. It has an integrated handle so that there are no protruding parts and interior temperature controls, which add to the smooth appearance of the appliance.

      Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 31 ¾ Inches
  • Height: 67 ½ Inches
  • Width: 32 7/8 Inches
  • Total Volume: 22.1 cu. ft.
  • Refrigerator Section 16.1 cu ft
  • Freezer Sections 6.0 cu ft


  • Although this is a fairly basic model, this is a really nice looking refrigerator with a slightly curved door.
  • it is a good price, probably because the unit just has the basic features, like Humidity Crispers, Snack/Deli Drawer, Freezer Door Baskets, Frost-Free defrost system, Beverage In-Door Can Rack and simple adjustable shelving.


  • This refrigerator comes with a STANDARD LIGHT, which really is not very bright at all and the freezer has no light at all – so overall it is not easy to see much inside.
  • There are none of the really innovative features in this model – the only features that really BASIC ones that are almost standard rather than “features”.
  • When the unit is first switched on it takes a really long time to COOL DOWN.
  • The material is very inferior and flimsy and is easily dented and broken – you get what you pay for!
  • One problem with this model is that there is an intermittent HIGH-PITCHED SOUND that some people hear and others do not!

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • stylish exterior
  • clear adjustable refrigerator shelving
  • offers good space
  • reasonable price
  • split shelves and door bins gives flexibility
  • bottom part of refrigerator is really bright
  • economical and efficient running
  • lovely see-through shelves
  • quiet running
  • nice interior arrangement
  • fairly good looking applianceCons
  • no freezer light
  • take a long time to cool things down
  • a little noisy
  • no adjustment options in the top freezer
  • outer door material is very thin and fragile
  • refrigerator only has one bulb – making it dark
  • intermittent, high pitched whistle
  • no ice-making facility
  • no air filtration
  • there is only really basic storage features and no advanced options